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Angela Blanks-Bennett

Freelance Painter & Illustrator

Location:United States
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Angela L. Blanks-Bennett

Professional Summary
Dynamic and innovative art educator with 6+ years experience who is highly skilled in
different genres of art history, profoundly talented in various art media, and has a
dedication to:
_ instilling art appreciation, creativity and open-mindedness by fostering a
cohesive learning atmosphere for all learners in the community.
_ continuous professional and program development through art historical
research and preservation.
_ Expertise in Emergent Art Curriculum & _ Classroom Management for Diverse
Program Development Populations
_ Tailored instructional design _ Promoting a safe learning environment
_ Innovative age-appropriate lesson planning _ Positive reinforcement
_ Mastery of Differentiated Instruction _ Effective time management
_ Student-centered learning _ Intuitive listening skills
_ Kinesthetic Learning
Experience working with special needs and ESL
_ Interdisciplinary teaching _ Group learning mechanics
_ Creative Technological Instruction _ Behavior/Social Skill Development
_ Audio-visual aid implementation _ Social Perceptiveness
_ Imagination stimulation using learning strategies _ Interpersonal skills
_ Interactive teaching/learning _ Student Motivation through Community
_ Inquiry-based learning _ Involvement
_ Student Evaluations using Formative and Grant Writing and Budget Planning
Summative Assessments (performance) _ Strong collaborator
_ Adept in assessing diverse learning styles _ Team Building
_ Essay writing technique development _ Goal Setting & Implementation
_ Inventive questioning _ Family Involvement
_ Problem Solving and Critical Thinking _ Parent/Teacher conferences
Teaching Experience
Graphic Arts Teacher (CTE Certified)----Intro to Art, Graphics I, Graphics II
July 2011 to Current
Benson High School – Benson, AZ
For the Intro to Art class, instruction incorporates the introduction and application of art
materials and art history to beginning artists and art enthusiasts. The Graphics classes
are there to introduce and acclimate students to the artistic world of visual
communication in modern society. All classes are taught to recognize the importance of
community and the visual exploration and representation of art as a recorder of historical
transformation and its inclusion of technology.
Faculty Sponsorships and Extracurricular Activities:
??"Exit 303" student art magazine---Faculty
??Student Art Auction (Community Event)-
Faculty Sponsor
??Art Club----Faculty Sponsor
??Skills USA Sponsor---
Graphic Design
??Teacher Assistant
Program (3 interns for
this year
Head Volleyball Coach-Freshman Class
Art Teacher----Art I, II, III, IV, V
August 2006 to July 2011
Amherst County High School – Amherst , VA
Establishes engaging course plans with art history and art-making techniques such as
drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, and sculpture to meet
academic, intellectual and social needs of students. Develops a strong art program so
students can find their potential through creative expression and increase interest in
higher learning through hands-on learning using proper artistic methodologies and
various technical aspects. Employs yearly overarching themes to encourage student
learning and build community within the classroom. Performs student background
reviews to develop tailored lessons based on student needs. Cultivates and implements
interesting and interactive learning mediums to increase student understanding of
course materials such as online class website and online textbook activities. Improves
student's analytical skills by introducing state-of-the-art computer program technologies
such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Utilizes relevant children's books,
poems, movies and themes as inspiration to promote student interest and receptive
learning in the arts. Receives high remarks for the creativity of classroom lesson plans
and instructional techniques from students, parents and faculty. Combines discipline
plan with effective measures and various lesson plans to increase concentration,
participation, and progress student accountability. Routinely meets with students'
parents regarding in-class issues and learning interruptions to discuss solutions. Fosters
meaningful relationships among students through student field-trip retreats and
programs (Amherst Art Show, Lynchburg Art Festival, CVCC Art Show, various juried art
events and the Virginia Museum of Art field trip) and teamwork community service
projects such as the yearly Art magazine, ACHS Annual Art Auction, Relay for Life
fundraiser, and the Amazement Square City Arts Mural Project.
Faculty Sponsorships and Extracurricular Activities:
??"Tales from the Crayon Box" student art
magazine---Faculty Director
??Student Art Auction (Community Event)-
Faculty Sponsor
??Art Club----Faculty Sponsor
??National Art Honor Society---Faculty Sponsor
??Art Extend Co-Facilitator
(Gifted Secondary
Program-Faculty Mentor
??Head Swim Coach
Art Teacher-K-5
September 2005 to May 2006
Tomahawk Elementary School – Lynchburg, VA
Resourceful and imaginative teaching professional who introduces and explores
various art media in a fun and meaningful way, relates age-appropriate art history to
daily thematic lessons, incorporates the elements of art into the curriculum, explores
interdisciplinary connections through art-making, established a reward system to
maintain a positive and focused classroom, prepares and successfully curates a K-5 art
show at the end of the year for the school community.
Other Work Experience:
July 2007-Present Phoenix Rising Art Studio & Gallery Amherst, VA
Owner, Curator and Exhibiting Artist
May 2005-August 2006 Sweet Briar College Sweet Briar, VA
Bookshop Computer Sales Associate & Technician
July 2005-October 2005 TRS Direct Lynchburg, VA
Pre-Press Graphic Designer
August 2003-May 2004 Sweet Briar College Sweet Briar, VA
Work Study-On Campus----Docent for various collection tours; Outdoor
instructor (SWEBOP)
May 2003-August 2003 Centra Health Lynchburg, VA
Graphic Arts Coordinator Intern-Communications and Marketing Department
Sept. 2002-May 2003 Central Virginia Community College Lynchburg, VA
Work Study-On Campus---Art Society Workshop Instructor and Curator and
Apple Computer Technician
Sweet Briar College 2008
Sweet Briar, VA, USA
Master of Arts in Teaching
Sweet Briar College 2005
Sweet Briar, VA, USA
Studio Art
Bachelor of Arts
_ Concentration: Painting
_ Minor: History of Art
Central Virginia Community College, 2003
Lynchburg, VA, USA
Communication Design
Associates in Applied Science
A.A.S. Communication Design ------G.P.A. 3.7
Also received a Career Studies Certificate in Photography in 2002 (G.P.A. 4.0)
Montana State University 1996-1997
Bozeman, MT, USA
Completed 34 credits in Geology and Studio Art
State of Arizona
State of Arizona IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card #2A05501446
Ecducator ID# 4389145
Current Provisional Arts Education, PreK-12 Art
Current Provisional Career and Technical Education, Industrial and Emerging
Commonwealth of Virginia
Current Postgraduate Professional License # PGP-0634113
_ Upholding Masters Degree
_ Endorsement: Visual Arts PreK-12
Educational Technology Standards have been met.
Child Abuse recognition and intervention requirement have been met.
_ Central Virginia Community College Art Society- Juried Art Show 2003--
Honorable Mention in Black & White Photography (pioneered this show)
_ Main Street Art Show (Juried) 2003- Lynchburg, VA-Honorable Mention
in Black and White Photography (student competing at professional
_ Profound Educator Award 2007---Amherst County Public Schools
_ Profound Educator Award 2009---Amherst County Public Schools
College Affiliations
_ Montana State University--Habitat for Humanity Project Volunteer-1996
_ Central Virginia Community College Art Society (2002-2003---President)
_ Sweet Briar College LEAP Program--2003
_ Sweet Briar College Volunteer Tour Guide-2003-2004
_ Sweet Briar College Outdoor Program-SWEBOP instructor (2004-2005)
_ Phi Theta Kappa Member--CVCC chapter (2004-)
Professional Affiliations
_ Blue Ridge Photographic Art Society-student member
_ Woodhull Institute-Acromdale, NY-Women in Ethical Leadership-Class 33
_ Friends of Art member (Sweet Briar Gallery sponsorship)-2005 to current
_ Virginia Education Association--2006 to current
_ Arizona Education Association—Oct. 2011 to current
_ National Education Association--2006 to current
_ National Art Education Association--2006 to current
_ Amherst Art Society-2009 to current
_ Piedmont Council for the Arts-2010 to current
_ Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators-artist member--2010 to current
_ Academy of Fine Arts-artist member-2011 to current
_ Southern Arizona Arts Guild-Oct 2011 to current
_ The Drawing Studio (Tucson, AZ) artist member- October 2011- current
Shades of Tomorrow. International Library of Photography. Published Summer 2003.
(Untitled p. 228-color photography piece)
Exhibitions and Shows
May 3-17,2002-Central Virginia Community College-in Bedford Library-Exhibition:
Homeland Series
April 18, 2003- Central Virginia Community College Art Society- Juried Art Show
April 26, 2003- Main Street Art Show (Juried)-Lynchburg, VA
August 1-29, 2003-Academy of Fine Arts (used to be Lynchburg Fine Arts Center),
Lynchburg, VA-Exhibition: Dog Days of Summer
September 27, 2003-Bedford Council for the Arts-Centerfest Art Show, Bedford, VAJuried
November 7-25, 2003- Academy of Fine Arts- Lynchburg, VA- Gallery Exhibition for
Artist Members
March 26, 2004-April 22, 2004- Babcock Gallery Junior Art Show @ Sweet Briar
College, Sweet Briar, VA-Junior Art Exhibition
April 8, 2005-May 13, 2005-Pannell Gallery Senior Art Show @ Sweet Briar College,
Sweet Briar, VA-Senior Art Exhibition: Dealt on A Square
October 4, 2005-November 30, 2005-CJMW Architect Gallery-Lynchburg, VA-Solo
Exhibition: Descent
July 2008-December 2008-Phoenix Rising Art Studio & Gallery-Lynchburg, VA-Solo
Exhibition--- Riverviews Artspace— Part of Downtown Lynchburg's Monthly Art Walk
October 2008, October 2009, & 2010-Sorghum Festival-Clifford, VA-Solo Exhibition
March-April 2010-Amherst Art Meter Project-Amherst, VA-Unveiling of Art Meters at
the Glimpses of Amherst: The First 100 Years Event
April 2010-Amherst Art Walk-Amherst, VA-Glimpses of Amherst: The First 100 Years
Event----Amherst Art Society Exhibition
September 18, 2010-Lynchburg Art Festival-Lynchburg, VA-Juried Art Show
November 21, 2010-December 19, 2010-Danville Art League-Danville, VA-2010 Juried
January 28, 2011-SCBWI International Conference-New York City, NY-Artist Exhibition
June 3, 2011-July 5, 2011-“All Creatures Great and Small” Exhibition-Academy of Fine
Arts, Lynchburg, VA
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