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Charlene Lynch

Freelance Painter & Book Illustrator

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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MY NEW PROJECT: Catering service and gift shop just opened yesterday!

To all artists: YesMontreal ArtExpo is having their 3rd annual art event! Last year's was a great success, filled with talented artists, a V.I.P night for networking with gallery contacts and art collectors. This is an event NOT to miss! I recommend it to anyone who's passionate about their work. Deadline for the application MARCH 30th - inform yourself on this site:

Date of exhibition: June 3rd and 4th 2012
Where: Old Port, Science Centre


Hi, my name is Charlene and I reside and work in the Montreal area as a fulltime decor artist. I enjoy using my time to create, paint and re-vamp old furniture. I’ve got so many ideas in my head that sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day to accomplish them all! I also tend to obsess with ideas and see how far they go; right now it’s paint everything white and baking. As long as it’s creating something I’ll be forever proud to nurture this compulsive behaviour.

Please feel free to visit me on:
Personal website:
Canadian Art Print/Winn Devon: Maria (artist name)
Career: RenWil (Lasalle, Quebec)

Check out my portfolio and enjoy!
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Book Illustration