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Ida Larsson

Freelance Advertising Photographer & Commercial Photographer

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
2 Skills
My dream with my photography is to document the lives of the third world and the undeveloped countries people for FN ore UNICEF. I have wanted to make people aware about serious failing of humanity in our world’s societies since I was very young, this you can see in my involvement in different kind of argumentum articles in news papers and so on. I’m passionate and caring about people, that’s why I have been active in a political party, been a peer supporter and been sitting in the board of the school council –during my upper secondary school time- to be able to fight for peoples rights and make a difference.
Since I believe in myself and are very go-ahead of me, and I’m strong both psychical and physical, I know that I can do this. I want to make a difference, so I will make a difference.

My photography
I value the content of my photos highly and I put my personality into them in a one of a kind way that could be described with the words: Strong, proper, mystic, creative and to that a bit excentric.  I close to love to push the limits just to get That shoot. I’m not afraid of climbing past “do not pass this point” signs and put the camera on my back with skies on my feets just to give it a try, limits aren’t there until you create them yourself.

My many years as active and involved in different athletic games, both as wielder and leader, have made me a good team worker and an experienced and accustomed leader both to known and unknown people. I am capable of listening to other people’s point of view and see their opinion before I make a decision. I’m close to being a control freak, and the structured part of me that loves to take responsibility and sort things out make me a good organiser and planner.

I’m much for sports, have been cycling my whole life, Muay Thai, go to gym (both group trainings and weights) played indoor bandy and basket ball as young. Before I got my waterproof camera I didn’t like water but since I realize how much possibilities underwater photography have I have started to enjoy it more and more. The same is about the car, since I got my drivers license my interest for cars grown bigger and I realise how much you actually can do from the trunk of the car while someone else is behind the steering-wheel…

My skills
Cameras: My main skills are Canon, but I can handle Nikon as well.
Program: Photoshop, EOS Utility, Microsoft Office, Bridge. I have even some knowledge within Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator and Indesign.
Computers: I’m use to both Macintosh and PC

Thoren Buissnes school
- Specific project employment
I worked in a team of 4-5 people that where working as two groups. We did all marketing for this new Upper Secondary School that was about to open up in one of Sweden’s biggest cities. We went around and talked at schools, arrange Open Houses for the students and their families, hold on exhibitions, did phone marketing, handed out flyers with more.

South Seas Film and Television school 2011
- Diploma in Digital Photography - Auckland, New Zealand.

Jönköpings University 2011
- Digital image processing - Sweden.

Halmstad University 2010
- English 1-30 - Halmstad, Sweden.

Audio and Video School 2006-2009
- Focus on photography, journalism and design with extra psychology and athletic - Halmstad, Sweden

Photographer Ida (self employed) 2009 – still active
- Do jobs for both National and International companies.

Thoren Businesses school 2009-2010
- Open up a new upper secondary school. Did all marketing and costumer contact. – Malmö, Sweden.

Lindén Leather care 2008 – still active
- Selling agent and exhibition seller - Sweden.

Nanny 2009
- Oslo, Norway.

LS-Weld and smothery 2004-2009
- Halmstad, Sweden.

Human Rights 2011
- Conceptual photography; I shoot the human rights to make people aware of their rights they have simply because they are human. I want to make people open up their eyes for the failure of humanity around the world, make them think twice about the situation around the world.

Camera girls 2011
- It is a foundraising project for the director Lauren Billingham’s final project where I was the photographer. It is a calender for 2012 with fun and quirky photos of girls hidding behind film equipment.

Tjejkalender 2010 (Girl -almanac 2010)
- Is an calender; free from stereotypes and manipulated ideals. I applied for sponsorships that covered the cost to publish and sell it both in stores and on Internet. In the end I collected $2500 that I unabbreviated gave away to Unicefs work against human trafficking.

Frantisek - The Changing Room
- Fashion boutique for both wommen and men - Auckland, New Zealand.

August Models
- Model agency - Auckland, New Zealand.

Hallands Posten (Daily news paper)[ 3 Weeks 2008]
- Both as photographer and as journalist - Halmstad, Sweden.

Leafdahls riding school [1 week 2009]
- As photographer, journalist and webmaster - Tönsberg, Norway.

Main libary of Halmstad city - Sweden [1,5 week 2009]
- Halmstad, Sweden.

The scholarship of the year 2009
- The best student of the year at Audio and Video School 2009

Karl-Gustav Jepson memorial found 2004 and 2006
- For my interest, resolute, willing to train, friendship and a good representative for cycling as a sport and the cycle club Bure.

- Jock of the year 2006 at Audio and Video School
- The historian of the year 2008 at Audio and Video School
- Halmstad art school 2009 for my participation in the Cuiere

Plattformen 2006
- Athletic children and youths leader-course - Sweden

Marco Hildalgo – Course Director South Seas Film & Television School
+649-09 444 3253 ext. 216