Joseph Martinez

Freelance Digital Artist & Drawer

Location:Taos, New Mexico, United States
Phone: 1-575-776-4574
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My pen name is Parasite and I am a freelance comic book design artist living in America. I specialize in creating and conceptualizing a more manga/anime style of artwork. I am beginning to build my career up to creating things for major companies such as mecha and fantasy graphic novels and pokemon! I enjoy often drawing romance and darker creations. My artwork is up on a wesite called and I primarily design the comic called Undershai.
For anyone who wishes to inquire upon my personal artwork (which, there will be a gallery opening up on said website soon!) you can email me at or contact my facebook profile :
Also, feel free to talk to me about a job that can be worked into our schedule! On another note, I'm very much a "work at home and design wonders" type of artist so if there are any employers willing to do a long distance agreement, I'm up for it! Thank you! Salutations - Parasite
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Digital Art