Thomas McCabe

Freelance Drawer & Creative Writer

Location:Newark, Delaware, United States
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Thomas J. McCabe
12 Nathan Hale Court
Newark DE 19711
Subway Position: Sandwich Artist
Main St
Newark DE 19711 Pay Rate: $7.25/Hr
(302)-737-8775 Dates: December 2010 - July 2011
Responsibilities:Responsibilities as a sandwich artist includes any janitorial work in cleaning the whole restaurant. Knowing the proper prepping techniques in preparing the food for the customer and knowing the correct temperatures for each item as well as the shelf life of that item as to not sell an expired product to the customer. A sandwich artist would have to know how to run the register as well, to be able to not only run the line but to ring up the customer for their meal. The position also includes know how to bake the bread everyday, the proper paperwork to record prepped items and temperatures on the line. As the main closer, the sandwich artist would also have to know how to count down the register properly and record the sales for that day and all employees would have to know how to deal with customer service if a customer had an issue and know how to resolve the problem.

K-Mart Position: Nightshift Ad, & K-Mart Little Ceasers
19563 Coastal Hwy
Rehoboth DE 19971 Pay Rate: 8.25/Hr
Dates: May 8 2010 - November 15 2010
Responsibilities: To put up new sign ads for the next week. Putting up new price tags to proper items as labeled in the new catalog and taking down the old price tags to not confuse the customer what is on sale and not. Along with working in the Little Ceasers located in the K-Mart as a cook, helping customers, and preparing the food in time and correctly. In the short time I was there, Little Ceasers went through a lot of changes for the better for the restaurant. The sales has since at least tripled during the summer and doubled during the off season by the efforts of all who work there.

Friendly's Position: Cook
250 N Dual Hwy Pay Rate: $8.50/hr
Seaford, DE 19973 Dates: June 22, 2009 - June 2010
Responsibilities: To ensure the food is prepared and cooked properly and sanitary. To make sure all food is stocked on line so to not run out of ingredients. Main position is closing cook, so additional responsibilities include the proper cleaning techniques for the line, floor and all cooking equipment. Also includes the proper cleaning procedures for other parts of the restaurant and to fill in for the dishwasher in case there is none closing that evening.

Sinclaire's Position: Dishwasher
177 E Main St Pay Rate: $7.15/hr
Newark, DE 19711 Dates: January 3, 2009 - February 22, 2009
Responsibilities: Making sure all the dishes were completely clean and sanitized. At the end of the shift, made sure all the dishes were done and the sinks were clean.

D.P. Dough Position: Driver
Main Street Pay Rate: $7.50/hr
Newark, DE Dates: September 12, 2008 - October 12, 2008
Responsibilities: Am responsible in handing out flyers for the company and deliver the product accurately, efficiently, and on time to the customers

Taco Bell Position: Crew-member
Kirkwood Hwy Pay Rate: $7.75/hr
Wilmington, DE Dates: May 2008 - September 12, 2008
Responsibilities: Was responsible for taking care of the customers and making sure the restaurant was clean. Also, to take the orders accurately and making the orders within a set time. During the days I was scheduled to close, had to make sure every assignment was finished before leaving the premises.

Dollar General Position: Cashier
Brookside Plaza Pay Rate: $7/hr
57 Marrows Rd Dates: February 2007 - March 29, 2007
Newark, DE 19713-3201
Responsibilities: I was responsible for ringing customers up and stocking shelves, I was also responsible for keeping the place clean for the appearance.

Wackenhut Corp. Position: Security Officer
Newark, DE 19711 Pay Rate: N/A
(302)-292-8869 Dates: April 2006 - December 2006
Responsibilities: I was responsible for keeping the site clean and watching for anything suspicious. When I do find something suspicious, I report to my superiors immediately. I also walk through the site that I am assigned to, to make sure that all is in order. I am also responsible for the safety for those that are at my site and if there is anything that goes wrong, I make sure everyone is safe.

Shoffner Industries Position: Distributor
Newark, DE 19711 Pay Rate: N/A
Dates: February 2006 - April 2006
Responsibilities: My position was to take new products and go to different companies to see if I can sell them so they can be on the shelves. We sold them to those walking the streets as well at wholesale value. We then go back to the office and for how many I sold, I get a percentage.

Pizza Hut Position: Shift Supervisor
121 Elkton Rd Pay Rate: $8/hr
Newark, DE 19711 Dates: September 2005 - January 2006
Responsibilities: My responsibilities include to make sure there are enough employees during my shift. I am also responsible for making sure the truck that comes in is the right thing we ordered and it is unloaded and everything on the shelves. I am also responsible for making sure everyone is doing their job and the orders are taking out at the appropriate time.

Mcdonalds Position: Shift Supervisor
897 W. Broadway Pay Rate: $8/hr
Red Lion, PA 17356 Dates: March 2005 - June 2005
Responsibilities: I was in charge of all the employees and making sure everyone is doing their job. I also make sure the restaurant is clean, including the grills and all the cooking equipment. Plus, to document any waste.

Food Lion Position: Cashier
9537 Bridgeville Ctr Pay Rate: $6.25/hr
Bridgeville, DE 19933 Dates: August 2003 - July 2004
Responsibilities: As a cashier, I had to make sure my station was clean and to ring customers up. Also, to make sure the supplies at my station was filled up for the customers.
York Technical Institute Major: Robotics Programming
3050 Hempland Rd Dates: July 2004 - January 2005
York, PA 17601

Sussex Technical High School Major: Electronics
17099 County Seat Hwy Dates: September 1999 - June 2003
Georgetown, DE 19947 Diploma: Graduated in 2003
Years Known: About 4 yrs.

Jen Koria
Years known: About 6 yrs

Newark DE
Years Known: 6 Years

Newark DE
Years Known: 6 Years

Justin Grant
Years Known: About 4 Yrs
(302) 897-3333
I believe that I have the qualifications for this position due to the fact that I learn very quickly and work well whether it be by oneself or with others. The position I am looking for is is one that is full time but am willing to work part time if necessary. I have customer experience since graduating from high school, and worked in a variety of employments so the range of my abilities spans wide and even willing to learn many other different job opportunities. As you can see, I was in a technical school and took the class electronics so not only have I worked in retail, but also on electronic items such as T.V.'s, VCR's, DVD players etc. I also have excellent communication skills and am willing to do anything for the company that my job requires. If need be, I would come in early to work or stay later than my scheduled time, and able to work holidays and weekends. A major achievement in my life was when I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout when I was at the age of 16. Not only do I have leadership skills from the Boy Scouts of America, but I have also held the rank of Shift Manager and a Security Officer, in which I am still licensed to do. I believe that I do have the necessary skills for the position from my experience up until now.
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