Cassa Leigh

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Mckinney, Texas, United States
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I have had several vocations throughout my professional life, and have developed a number of diverse and specialized skills as a result. My areas of expertise and training include Teaching (B.of Ed degree and 6 years experience), Information Security (CISSP Certification and 7 years experience), Writing (Internationally published, 12 years experience), and Proofreading/Editing (7 years experience in conjunction with Writing experience). I am specifically interested in doing proofreading work at this time.

I have seven years of professional proofreading experience in which I read and edited articles, exam questions, and textbook chapters for several large publishing companies. I am skilled and very comfortable with proofing all types of works, including technical writing, works of fiction, and works translated into English. I provide 100% error-free results. I am happy to provide samples of my previous work as well as to offer free samples of my work with an excerpt of one of your own pieces.

My editing experience is in conjunction with my proofreading experience (see above), but I've listed it separately because it is not always requested or required with proofreading services.

While I developed my proofreading and editing skills, I also became a proficient textbook and test writer as well as a creative writer with emphasis on cultural differences between Asians and Americans. I also wrote several chapters for a high school textbook on Idiomatic English. I have written several hundred blog-style articles for the general purpose of maintaining my writing skills.

I received my Bachelor of Education degree and am certified to teach grades K-12. My specialty is English and I've taught high school English, Drama, and History in Canada as well as English as a Foreign Language to children and adults in Cameroon (Africa), and Seoul (S. Korea).

Information Security
As I became more proficient using the computer and Internet to do my writing, I was also discovering that Internet security had not yet become a high priority with many companies. When my own employer's Web site was compromised, I became very interested in learning how to secure and protect information, and I decided to change direction career-wise. I became certified in Microsoft (obtained an MCSE certification) and quickly jumped into the field of Information Security. As soon as I was eligible, I earned my CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Certification and began to specialize in doing Investigations and Computer Forensics for large corporations.

After seven years in the Information Security field, I left to become a Stay-at-Home Mom, which I've been doing now for about five years. I have maintained my professional skills through workshops, research, reading, and extensive volunteer work, and I am planning to re-enter the workforce full-time once my youngest child begins Kindergarten, in two years. In the meantime, I will continue volunteering my time with several organizations as well as start using my skills for occasional professional work.

As you can see, I have a broad and diverse history, which allows me to provide my employers with two valuable assets: FIrst, I adapt quickly and smoothly to fast-paced and constantly-changing environments. Second, I've become very proficient at learning new concepts and acquiring new skillsets very quickly. When I begin a new job, I always hit the ground running and am ready to produce immediately.
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