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Keara Carpenter

Freelance Drawer & Fiction Writer

Location:Lexington, South Carolina, United States
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I've been a member of the workforce since I was 17, but here recently once I moved, the job hunt has come up quite dry. I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities and new things to learn. My passion has always been art, writing, and working with animals, so hopefully I can find a place in the world where I can be employed and do something that I enjoy instead of something I dread. I'm a social person and well liked, so working in a cubicle locked away from others always felt like torture. I like interacting with the public and being able to solve their problems instead of sending them further down the managment ladder and have someone else take care of them.

I've written several short stories and am currently working on a few fantasy novels based off of characters that I've created throughout the years with my artwork. One of my main motivations is to get these ideas out to the masses so that others can enjoy them as well.
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Fiction Writing