Alexander Keown

Freelance Animator & Video Editor

Location:Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States
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Alexander D. Keown

BA in double focus of Film Production and Film Critical Studies
Keene State College
Graduated in 2009 with *** Laude Honors
GPA: 3.5
Studied Abroad at York Saint Johns University, England in Spring 2009

Professional Film Experience:
Florentine Films (2010)
Internship under filmmaker Ken Burns
-Assisted in per and post production of servile different films to be shown nationally on PBS
-Gained experience with Adobe Bridge and Avid Media Composer
Unconditional Love (2008)
Editor and Cinematographer
-20 to 30 minute documentary about pet cemeteries and how they represent the bounding love between humans and their pets.
-Featured on Bedford, NH Public Access Station.

Independent Film Experience:
Ode to a Kickflip (2011)
Director, Animator, and Editor
-30 second animation celebrating my favorite skateboard trick: the kickflip.
-Hand drawn animation and photographs composed in Adobe After Effects
Turning of the Seasons (2011)
Official Selection of the New Hampshire Film Festival
Director, Animator, and Editor
-Animated experiment that focuses on a hand drawn character as he passes
through an ever rotating background.
-Hand drawn animation and painted background composed in Adobe After Effects
Old Love (2010)
Director, Animator, and Editor
-2 minute animated short about rekindled romance between an elder couple.
-Hand drawn 2D animation set against digitally created backgrounds

Student Film Experience:
Raptor Red (2009)
Director, Animator, and Editor
-4 minute animated short about the day-in-the-life of a dinosaur.
-Hand drawn 2D animation set against live action background.
The Adventures of Moose Copper: Wolf Blood (2008)
Writer, Director, and Editor
-5 minute short about private detective Moose Copper and his paranormal expert Alice Hex as they hunt down a mad scientist that has transformed into a werewolf.
-Shot on 16mm black and white film

Down Cellar (2007)
Writer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor
-5 minute short about a newly married couple moving into a new home only to find a monster living in the basement.
-Shot on digital video.

Well-versed in Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro, and familiar with video and 16mm cameras. Self educated in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I am also familiar sound recording equipment and mixers.

Other Work Experience:
-Casher and Stocker at Jackson’s Star Market (from 2001-2005)
Telephone # 603.279.3115
-Casher and Cook at Holderness General Store (2006)
Telephone # 603.968.3446
-Assistant Carpenter for Drew Keown (2007)
Telephone # 603.738.4522
-Grounds Keeper at The Minary Conference Center (2008 and 2010)
Telephone # 603.279.4484
-Photographer and Zip-line Guide at Alpine Adventures (2009)
Telephone #603.745.9911
-Sales Associate at Dick’s Sporting Goods of Keene, NH (2010)
Telephone #603.357.0861
-Cafe Clerk and Cook at Madeline's Kitchen (2010-2011)
Telephone #603.436.1722
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Video Editing