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Freelance Fiction Writer & Script Writer

Location:Ely, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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My name is Perry Estelle. I have been writing humour of all kinds since I understood what the phrase ‘it’s not rocket science’ meant. Write all genres of comedy. Specialise in observational satire and spoof. I have written several joke books. I wrote "Perry and Terry's Pet Hates and Pork Scratchings.” A collection of wordplay life observations. A satirical surreal twist. It’s a climb out of reality.

I’m presently writing a series of ‘psycho-chiller’ stories. Don’t know if I could ever write a novel. I don’t think I’ve got that sort of talent. I like ‘quickfix’ stuff. For example, I’m writing a mishmash of simultaneuos plots at the moment right now in my 'Children Of the Revoultion'. It's a very challenging but exciting project for me.

This work is a fictional parody set in the UK in the mid eighties. It hopes to achieve a range of responses from the reader. It is a cautionary tale littered with dilemmas dealing with minority group issues. This story portrays a varied array of plausible reflections of how society reacts to ‘people who are different.’ The abuse or failed inaction and denial of those bound with a duty of care and the many hidden horrors of being a victim to the system are released on almost every page. This piece is about human reaction to what we would rather ‘sweep under the carpet’ when dealing with the open sores left seething in our society to the needs of its more vulnerable members.

I love to write for kids as I think many messages (I sound a little smug here so forgive me) about personal responsibility, caring for our planet and others less fortunate using dramatic situation writing is a vehicle to convey some sort of positive imprint on the minds of teenagers.

I also write as an illegal alter ego. I am an agony uncle called ‘Dr Farquar’ who gives flawed advice to disturbingly ironic questions. I have a stock of 11000 of these “conversations with the paranoid" with carefully worded answers sure to offend.

Although, I like to play dangerous games with cynicism!

I have written over 3000 pet hates.

Examples: "I really hate....."

PMT sufferers that lose their temper because it’s all the rage.

Famous dyslexics that receive lots of letters but usually in the wrong order.

Smokers who may die if they don’t quit. Stay away from the light.

Randy druids that should be a Shaman of themselves.

I am a cartoonist and provide most of my own illustrations for my humour products. I have two sel-publishing sites that have been attracting a hardcore readership over the last10 years with over 70 authors that guest write for me
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