Chris Cates

Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Designer

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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A personal portfolio is available upon request.

I am an 18 year old Computer Science University Student going to Carleton University.

Lately, I've been coding mostly in HTML, Javascript and PHP.
However, I have 7 years experience in computer science, knowing Objective C, Java, and, web app development (using JS & C++ compilants (check out MoSync IDE)).

I don't know much about higher level languages like Perl or Delphi, but, that is probably irrelevant to the non-programming demographic who are reading this.

I like to do graphic design, but, I'm not at a professional level, so don't rely on me unless you want some rough graphics done. I was using Photoshop, but transitioned to Paint.NET because modifying images was a lot faster and effiecent.

I do some 3D graphics design as well, just in blender, nothing special, but would be interesting if you wanted a 3D video or needed some basic 3D modelling done. (No people, but most objects.)

I like to keep ontop of things. I may not complete my personal projects right away. But if you're paying me, I do my projects to the best of my abilities and will complete it within reason (90% of cases < week).

I will only take requests involving Web Design and Mobile Application Development at this time.
Please talk to me concerning other projects, and, I'll consider forming a team.

If your request involves marketing and requires me to advertise, that is open too. If you're wondering how I network. I will post QR codes/URLs all over my campus and city for you. I will spread via word of mouth too. And through my blogs and my upcoming website.

Anyway, thanks for reading this long boring description. If you're interested, please contact me.
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Graphic Design
Website Design