Mark Hebbes

Freelance Graphic Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Albany, Oregon, United States
2 Skills
Home 541-917-1071 Cell 541-990-8597
Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator InDesign
QuarkXPress8 Microsoft Suite Mac & PC Experience
Linn-Benton Community College
Associates of Science, Graphic Design
Office Specialist Certificate-graduated 8/2001
International Academy of Design & Technology
Associates of Science, Graphic Design-graduated 5/28/2011
Results-driven and creative graphic design graduate offering strong teamwork and production.
Trained in Adobe Suite CS4 with an emphasis on providing quality to the client. Heavy
interest in creating promotional materials; company logos, magazine, communication
materials-brochures, postcards, and business cards.
Related Experience: Coursework
¤Indesign Project: Poster - 11”x 8.5”, incorporating typography using rounded
San Serif font; word, background aquarium and outdoor plants with beautiful women in
pinkie (raster imagery), and snorkeler (vector imagery). Took responsibility for ensuring
project completion met deadline.
¤Photograph Project: Advertisement (Pantene Shampoo), incorporating typography
using wide and narrow strokes; word-Pantene, and glow on “Clean Beauitfull Hair” matching
glow on word-Pantene in the black box; also, the white in the waterfall. Proximity-placing the
waterfall to the right of the Pantene bottle, and facing the glass wall (left side of bottle)
directing your eyes to the waterfall.
Professional Experience
Albany Democrat Herald
Edit/Layout Designer
Locally distributed newspaper reaching over 50,000 subscribers in the Albany, OR
area. Covers all facets of news including local, national, sports, politics etc.
¤“Placed ads and comic strips for Advertising Department”
¤Reviewed and proofread articles using Adobe Acrobat.
Columbia River Log Scaling & Grading Bureau
Weight Master
Corporate company located in Eugene, OR. Covers the scaling and grading of logs in
the Willamette Valley, and central Washington.
¤Entered detailed information into computer system off electronic scale for local
Mill (Dallas) and Warehouser (Longview) network system. Corrected data by
emailing to office staff in Longview and talking with the local office staff at
¤Corrected data information in weigh shake (local) and for the network computer
system (Longview).
¤Developed a spreadsheet, including number of loads, truck company names, and
truck trailer combinations, to improve data flow for yardman and mill office for
Dallas location.