Mark Charles Smalley

Freelance Newsletter Writer & Article Writer

Location:Rockland, Maine, United States
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Dear Friend:

Your post for a "top level" freelance Internet writer was forwarded to me this morning.

I'm not really looking for new projects or assignments. But I was intrigued by your post.

I'm a very successful freelance writer, editor and "info product" developer. You'll probably recognize some of my clients, projects and work.

I've attached a short bio of my recent work and projects. Writing generic SEO articles is not my passion - but I do it well. My passion is developing powerful, relevant information products, ebooks and special reports.

You can find thousands of freelance writers for much less than I charge.

But....I'm open to new opportunities.

Please let me know if there's any interest or a fit on some level.





Current & Recent Projects / 2007- Present
Profit Center Dispatch (Agora/ETR) Founding/managing Editor
The Great Bear Market – Founding/Managing Editor columnist, website, ezine
Digital Content LLC – Freelance columnist, editor, contributor, product development
Business Financial Publishing – Freelance financial copywriter, marketing consultant
Early to Rise LLC (Agora Inc.) – Writer, editor, info product developer and consultant
Ka-Ching! (Agora Inc / Early to Rise) Founding/managing editor, copywriter
China Wholesale Trader (ETR) Author, editor, copywriter, and forum moderator
The Anti Aging Bible – Author, managing editor, Internet marketing lead
The New Real Estate Riches –Author (e-book / DVD), Founding/managing editor, newsletter, forum moderator, and product development
The Deep Discount Network – Founding/Managing editor, marketing, copywriter The Insider’s Commodity Trading Edge – Author, Founding/Managing editor, seminars, information product development
The League of Power – Weekend Business Blueprint – Founding/managing editor, Columnist, and forum moderator
How to Beat the System without Going to Jail – Author (e-book), editor, and info product development
The Liberty Street Investor (Agora Inc./ETR) Founding/managing editor, lead writer, and consultant
Investors Day – Columnist, editor, copywriter, information product development
Weekend Business Blueprint – Columnist, editor, information product development
Freelance Ghostwriter – Several books in development (six Kindle editions)
Ask Marc Charles (blog) – Founder/editor, moderator
Early to Rise LLC – Contributing editor, articles, essays and interviews
Other projects and development: eBooks, Blogs, Twitter Ghostwriting, Facebook Ghostwriting, Kindle books, email newsletters (paid and free), Clickbank product development, blog network management
Legal Finance Journal – editor, contributor, social media manager
Sovereign Man Confidential
Gentlemen’s Guide to the Apocalypse (Author, e-book, Newsletter, managing editor)
The New Google Underground (Author, ebook, blog))
Forex Cheat Sheet (Author, ebook, blog)
The ETF Miracle (Author, ebook, blog, trading advisory)

Current/Recent Publishing Consulting Projects & Clients,, League of Power, Health Sciences Inc, WebCEO, Jayde Online Inc., Best Rated Travel LLC, Investors Daily, Medical Associates LLC, Agora Inc., Idexx Ventures, Programmers Heaven, Mobile Evolution, ViralTags, Nadeau Imports, IDG Publishing, Vent Mobile, InfoEmpire, Wealthpire,, American Artists and Writers Inc. (AWAI), Blacksmith Publishing, David Newcastle Publishing, Bravenet Media,and Mobile Gaming Awards, Sovereign Man

Mark’s Bio and “Story”
Mark is often referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” and he has launched, bought or sold more than 40 successful businesses in the last 29 years. He has been instrumental in the development of dozens of Internet and publishing projects including search engine development, email newsletters (free and paid), news portals, and paid membership sites.
Mark began his Internet adventure in 1993 with Yahoo! Unplugged, which became a bestselling book, online resource and interactive CD. His column and website reviews (more than 8500) were featured in Wired, Bloomberg Personal, The Wall Street Journal, Internet World, AOL Channels, CNBC, The Internet Edge, Web Digest, Fast Company and Business 2.0.
In 1999 he developed the first email newsletter advertorial. Email advertorials continue to be one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet. Mark is considered the “email advertorial guru”.
Mark’s passion is identifying and writing about great business, investment and financial opportunities. He writes about his discoveries in a clear and lighthearted way.
He has written (and ghost written) several bestselling e-books, courses, newsletters and information products. These include China Wholesale Trader, The New Real Estate Riches, The Deep Discount Network, How to Beat the System without Going to Jail, Forex Matrix, The New Google Underground, Business Gone Wild, Money Making Monsters (99 wildly successful businesses in the current Depression) and The Commodity Trading Edge.
He continues to write, speak and advise companies, entrepreneurs and publishers on hot rising trends and legitimate business opportunities. He lives and works in Owls Head Maine and Clermont Florida.

My Objective

1) Help people by providing relevant information and “tipping point” ideas

2) Help publishers and entrepreneurs by providing savvy marketing expertise and business startup insight

3) Increase sales and profitability of any venture by reducing wasteful expenses and improving direct marketing results