Joshua Evans

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Reseda, California, United States
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Bio: Joshua M. Evans was born in Northridge, CA January 3rd, 1990 and raised in Pasadena, California. He began writing at the age of 8 years old in the form of short fiction stories, and spell checking his parents’ emails. At the age of fourteen he wrote a short story that was published in a nationwide magazine produced by Focus on the Family. At age fifteen he was introduced to poetry writing, during special training from an English professor, at an after school program he volunteered for in Pasadena. Joshua honed his writing skill over the years, and in the year 2008 performed a written piece for Mother’s Day at Hopes House Christian Church. His mastery over the English language, and creative use of metaphors was reflected in the emotional response of the congregation - every woman including his own mother was crying from pure joy by the time he finished, and he was asked for an encore performance for the following service.

Joshua transferred to California State University, Northridge from Pasadena City College in the Fall of 2008, and by Fall of 2009 had changed his major from Public Relations to English with a Creative Writing emphasis. In Spring of 2010, Joshua continued to hone his writing while he attended a 6 month course at Youth With A Mission, which culminated in a missions trip to Haiti for two months. Upon his return, he promptly re-enrolled in school with a burning desire to use his overseas experience coalescing with his writing ability and influence with words to begin to change the world around him for the better.

From the start of 2011, Joshua has been engaging in spoken word performances all around San Fernando Valley, including the LA hotspot "My First Fridays" ( He was also a core cast member in a poetry play entitled "Poetry At The Cross" put on by TCJ Ministries, that returned for an encore performance due to popular demand. More recently he has been gracing stages at various open mics in the LA area, and joined forces with an up and coming power house, weekly open mic entitled "Lyrical Rhythms."

Joshua identified a common thread among people in modern society, particularly applicable to those pursuing their dreams and passions - they don’t know how to say what they are trying to say. Joshua has seen how many people struggle representing themselves on paper, or clearly expressing their ideas and desires in a productive fashion. Joshua firmly believes in the inherent wordsmith in every individual soul, and is determined to aid people in letting it out. After being contracted for a few different jobs utilizing his verbal skills, and language mastery, Joshua pursued his own dreams of merging business with pleasure, and his publicist skill with his writing skills and formed “The Lion Effect.” After that, the floodgates opened, and Joshua formed "InceptionPLUS" and began the process of penning comic books, inspirational books, and children's tales as well as recording his poetry for the masses to enjoy. All of which will be made publicly available as soon as possible so be sure to check back often!! You never know what Joshua, The Wordsmith, is going to do next.
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