Christina Corsino

Freelance Artist & Graphic Designer

Location:Charleston, South Carolina, United States
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Christina Corsino

Objective: As an artist I use graphic design to combine my hands-on artistic skills with the fluidity of creating digital art. I enjoy the infinite possibility that this art form holds. My intent is to create, amuse and entertain while understanding form and content. As a young designer I look forward to learning, absorbing and being guided by a knowledgable mentor.
Education: Endicott College 2006-2008, Marymount Manhattan 2008-2010
Work -
227 Rentals This is a property management company in Charleston that deals mainly with short term rentals. While it is a desk job, I had the opportunity to design the website as well as brochure information and business cards. I was given total liberty designing and completing these projects while taking constructive critisism. While my employer has no design experience I worked to meet a mutually satisfying design.
Valeria Roncoli Studios -Valeria’s Studio in New Haven, CT is where she creates characters that empower the female spirit. With these characters she has created a web presence and products with her signature drawings on them. I originally started as an intern at this studio during my sophmore year of college. I was assigned various projects dealing with Illustrator and cataloging her drawings. This was a great experience because I was working one on one with her, but I was also challenging myself to meet personal goals.
Various Freelance Work - I’ve done various t-shirt and poster designs for friends, colleges, and small businesses. Those are some of my favorite projects to work on because it gives me the opportunity to push the boundaries a little more. I enjoy the creative critisism and challenge of creating an overall working design. I enjoy working on projects like this because the goals are clear and it’s very satisfying when it’s completed.
Skills - Efficient in Mac and PC, Adobe CS3 Suite -favoring Illustrator, Microsoft Office, beginner in Flash.
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Graphic Design