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After receiving my B.S. in English, I dropped the certificate, stumbled, and found myself at my local library. Everything seemed to begin that particular day. On that innocent Sunday afternoon, I opened the library doors and found myself eye to eye with what I would later consider ---the greatest thinkers of all time! I picked up, “Notes from Underground”, or was it, “Nausea”, by Jean Paul Sartre, nonetheless, they were all considered “The Classics”. As I tuned the pages, it became fascination and bewilderment. I was in love with these stories and always in love with the hero of these novels. As I stumbled with more regularity into my local library, my ambitions changed, or evolved, from wanting to be a ‘hero in a novel’, to wanting to be able to write similar great stories. Today, I've been writing engaging stories for years. Thank you.
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