Lusinda Underhay

Freelance Outdoor Photograper & Presentation Designer

Location:Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Lusinda Samantha Underhay
Personal Information

? Marital status: Single
? Date of Birth: 18 July 1986
? ID Number: 86071801254084

Objective My ambition is to find employment in the IT industry. I have already achieved my primary objective of completing my National Diploma in Software Development at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). In July 2010, I enrolled at TUT to complete my BTech degree, specializing in Business Applications and IT Management. I plan to obtain my degree in July 2012.


2002 – 2005 Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog, Grade 9 to Matric, Witbank, Mpumalanga
2007 – Current Tshwane University of Technology, 3 years National Diploma & 2nd year BTech, Witbank, Mpumalanga

Senior Certificate
National Diploma: Information Technology (Software Development)
Matric Subjects

Tertiary Subjects
Mathematics SG 99%
Afrikaans Second Language HG 89%
Computer Studies SG 82%
Biology HG 72%
English First Language HG 66%
Physical Science HG 59%

Database Systems 93%
Development Software 1B (VB) 85%
Development Software 2A (ORACLE) 85%
Development Software 2B (ORACLE) 85%
Development Software 3A (SQL) 82%
Development Software 3A 75%
System Software 1A (A+) 89%
System Software 1A (LINUX+) 75%
System Software 1A (N+) 76%
System Software 1B (A+) 76%
Information Systems 1A 75%
Information Systems 1B 71%
Information Systems 2A 75%
Information Systems 3A 65%
Information Systems 3B (ASP.NET) 76%
Technical Programming 1A (C++) 67%
Technical Programming 1B (C++) 76%
Technical Programming 2A (C++) 70%
IT Management 76%
Research Methodologies 70%

Previous Employment and Experience

• 24 Feb 10 to date TUT, Part-Time Lecturer (Contract expires 31 Dec 11) (Reference – Dr. Agnieta Pretorius 082-550-8250)
• 1 Mar 10 to 31 Dec 10 BHP Billiton Bursary Student (Reference – Marius Smit 082-467-2130)
• 28 Sep 09 – 28 Feb 10 BHP Billiton Bursary Student – Experiential Learning (Reference – Marius Smit 082-467-2130)
• 28 Aug 09 – 27 Sep 09 TUT, Research assistant – Experiential Learning (Reference – Trudie Strydom 082-888-9778)

• Currently I’m teaching maths, project management and system design at TUT.
• At Klipspruit Colliery I was tasked to ensure that Aquila returns the correct information from the drills, therefore providing accurate information to the Drill and Blast Superintendent.
• I was responsible for the daily backups of the Pegasys system used by the dragline.
• For the Minesuite system, I assisted in providing onboard training to the Truck and Loader Operators when the new tablets were implemented.
• At implementation of the access control system at Klipspruit, I assisted in the training and problem solving of security personnel using the system.
• It was my responsibility to ensure timeous reporting on the availability of the Klipspruit wireless system.
• Two reports are generated daily, which I was responsible for, on the availability of the Production Fleet and Topsoil & Dozer Fleet respectively.
• Performing GSAP Authorisations.

Tertiary Achievements:
Second Year Student – Software development – average above 75% (79%)
Winner of Expo 2009 – 79%

Interests and activities
Sport Achievements:
1st Degree Black Belt in World Shotokan Karate-do Federation.
Junior Karate Instructor.
Still active and intending to proceed as far as possible in this sport

Building models, birding, photography and game drives.