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Tuesdy Berry

Freelance Creative Writer, Poem Writer, & More

Location:Charleston, West Virginia, United States
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Hello, I am Tuesdy. I am a life-long creative and passionate writer, and one whose disciplines are both Creative and Technical. I enjoy writing Fiction, Poetry, Scripts, Short Stories and Songs; however, I am also skilled in writing Business Plans, Clinical Presentations and Speeches. I have been within the corporate industry of Pharmaceutical Sales for many years, yet I have neither lost, nor forgotten my true love and passion for writing. Expression of creativity through writing is my greatest passion, and I am looking forward to an “Act Two” as it pertains to my career aspirations and endeavors, expanding my portfolio in writing to a professional platform.
By means of professional contribution, I have written articles for West Virginia’s minority newspaper, and also, produced newsletters for a non-profit organization that dedicated its services to food pantries and underprivileged hungry children throughout the state, particularly as it pertained to the Summer Food Program. As a separate venture I have taken classes in Film, Theatre and Scriptwriting, which led me to Venezuela to film a documentary in Caracas, Choroni and Chuao. While there I served as film and production crew member.
In conclusion, I am well versed in both Creative and Business/Technical Writing. My corporate portfolios involve the production of detailed business plans, reports and written clinical presentations; however, my passion within my creative portfolio includes Poetry, Scripts, Short Stories and Songs.