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Thomas Santistevan

Freelance Portrait Artist & Animal Illustrator

Location:Whittier, California, United States
Phone: 562-755-5757
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Thom is a simple one but complex. He is the 4th of 5 children (all sisters), and the only one to inherit fathers talent of being a natural born artist. Raised in Los Angeles from the age of 1, but born in Colorado where much of his family was from. Started getting noticed in grade school of talent and only attended public school. Very happy to be able to share the fact that he is a self-taught artist and that he can let his works speak for him. He has been able to share his work at an early age and his creative imagination and special attention to detail is his way of making his art stands out from others. Whether it is serene and peaceful to horrific and controversy. He has illustrated poetry with his paintings and been able to provide artwork for low rider magazines, with children’s books and has shown his work at colleges and schools that he was asked to be as an exhibit. He has passed an exclusive course of Technical Illustration at the space shuttle birthplace Rockwell International which was through High School Art teacher’s top choice in senior year. Experience with most Medias, his style and technique is unique and his skills with regular Bic pen is extraordinary. He is truly a fan of Fantasy Art and chosen Frank Franzetta to be an inspiration. Whether it is painted, pen-ink, pencil, glass engraving, charcoal, mastering in work from and for all levels of society. He has an art store/studio he works out of and at home when he can since this and spinning vinyl records being a D.J on weekends are his hobbies. Making this his carrier was his goal but not his choice since he needed to support his family first. Being that times are hard and work is slow brought him to widen his search for more art lovers to find him. So if is a small drawing or a large mural from a cute-fuzzy cartoon to provocative ***** his work is for all ages. He shines when challenged and welcomes anyone that has a deadline. His priority is quality and honesty is his only policy. The posted samples are just a small portion of work and most if not all were done from July 2011. Since the speed of his work is amazingly unbelievable. Here is an example if you look at the Tiger, “Siberian Stare” 24" x 28” completed in eight hours. He makes it a point to strive in making any person that he works with happier than they imagined and at a recognized pro-level without a doubt. Your special love for art has brought you to this artist, since he has not been on this site very long, but almost all works posted were done in 2011, and you’re going to be gratefully appreciated in taking the time to view his accomplishments and love to hear how they made you feel. “MAY A FEELING COME TO ALL THAT WORDS CAN NO LONGER DESCRIBE”. His favorite quote is “Honesty is the only policy”, and if you would like to be a part of his life, this is just a special one. You will be happy!
Peace and Love.
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Portrait Art
Animal Illustration