Rachel Boyer-Lee

Freelance French Translator & Accountant

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
2 Skills

Strong knowledge of US GAAP and accounting principles.
Knowledgeable in all bookkeeping processes.
Created budgets and sales forecasts for a small retail store.
Proficient in Quickbooks.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Successfully led multiple projects simultaneously.
Consistently met and exceeded operational deadlines.
Coordinated staff development programs and training processes.
Ability to motivate others and manage conflict in a supportive environment.
9 years of management experience in the financial industry.
7 years of experience with interviewing and hiring qualified analytical staff.
7 years of experience conducting individual performance appraisals.
Advanced Windows Office skills: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook.
Fully bilingual in English and French, some basic Spanish.


Owner/partner and Store Manager
Le Bizou, Apia, Samoa (Apr 08-Nov 11)
Handled all aspects of managing a small retail store, such as budgeting and sales forecasting, product ordering and receiving, inventory management, staff hiring, training and payroll, as well as performed all bookkeeping tasks.

Director, Financial Research
Standard and Poor’s, Englewood, CO (Dec 05-Sept 07)
Led a department of 4 managers and 80+ financial data analysts in the analysis, interpretation and standardization of public corporate financial data.

• Operated within a budget of $2.5 million.
• Increased overall staff productivity by 25% and data analysis quality by 15%.
• Resolved the high staff turnover by improving hiring standards and processes, and implementing an effective training program.
• Developed productivity and quality dashboards for effective decision making.
• Increased cross-departmental communication and resource sharing to increase peak period productivity.
• Improved client response time on data inquiries and implemented a system of work prioritization based on company market capitalization.
• Increased the group’s response time to new FASB/SEC pronouncements.

Sr. Manager, Business Information & Classification
Standard and Poor’s, Englewood, CO (Dec 00-Dec 05)
Led a team of 15 analysts in the analysis and assignment of industry classification and sector data using US public companies’ annual and quarterly financial documents.

• Received a Corporate Achievement Award in 2004 from the corporate office for my team’s work on a high-level project.
• Successfully took over new functions and improved overall efficiency within the first year.

Manager-European group, International Financial Research
Standard and Poor’s, Englewood, CO (June 98-Dec 00)
Led a team of 21 in the analysis and standardization of financial statements for European public companies.

• Recruited qualified multilingual staff.
• Hands-on manager involved in training and mentoring staff.
• Developed effective productivity guidelines and benchmarks.
• Increased staff retention, productivity and data quality.
• Developed a database in MS Access to track individual and team productivity.

Sr. Financial Data Analyst, International Financial Research
Standard and Poor’s, Englewood, CO (Aug 96-June 98)
Analyzed and standardized global corporate annual and quarterly financial statements.

• Part of the top 5 employees in job productivity and quality.
• Developed a country specific normalization template based on financial reports for francophone companies to ensure data accuracy and standardization.
• Trained and mentored new staff.
• Experience with IFRS.


Started in 1996 (expected to complete in 2012) Bachelor of Science in Accounting University of Denver, CO
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French Translation