Scott Klarkowski

Freelance Social Marketer & Lead Generation Freelancer

Location:Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States
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A versatile, results-driven Senior Sales Executive who introduces social media, SEO, SEM and online community building to attract clients, increase profitability, and facilitate business growth. A leader who seamlessly transitions between roles as a big-picture visionary vs. detail-oriented producer vs. the go-to innovator when world-class brands aren’t supported with big budgets. A confident, articulate communicator with strong organizational, time-management, and sales presentation skills essential to managing the sales cycle process from point of consultation to post-sales service and support.

• Online Marketing Strategy
• B2B/C Sales and Customer Support
• Multiple streams of Lead Generation
• Google Analytics & Webtrends
• Streaming Video / YouTube channels
• HTML, WordPress, Content Management
• Web Content Strategy (Podcast Production, RSS Feed Creation / Webinars / Blogs)
• Website Design and User Experience (UX)


Sales/Social Media Manager, The Klark Agency, Davenport IA 2010- Current
Provide expertise to small/mid-sized businesses to bolster their sales and marketing campaigns. Establish marketing goals, strategy and execution. Implement analytics to measure ROI that generates sales.
• Develop and preserve content material distribution network by way of social media channels.
• Evaluate campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative information into suggestions and plans for revising the social media campaigns.
• Online campaigns average 30% increase of targeted traffic in the first month.
• Client Case Studies:
o An Arts Center featuring 17 galleries and 75 local/regional artists with a limited advertising budget. Solution: created high-impact website content focusing on SEO to earn top 3 Google positions in 5 categories. Launched Facebook campaign with consistent, pithy messaging that increased followers by 200%. In six months, gallery reached 100% occupancy, increased non-event traffic by 100% and overall sales by 25%.
o Antique Boutique well-established in their market but losing revenue due to economy. Solution: Created e-newsletter that featured specific items (and their histories) and promotions. Grew Facebook fanbase to 2000+ by posting pictures of interesting, eclectic and rare items for sale. Sales and foot traffic grew exponentially.
o Wedding Photographer big on talent, small on budget. Solution: Created smart SEO in an easy-to-update WordPress website that features a portrait gallery for easy viewing and seamless lead generation. Site reached top 5 positions in 3 categories. Site blog features guest posts by other photographers, educating readers about various aspects of the art. Facebook and Twitter was also incorporated. With no additional marketing costs, client booked 45 new clients, generating $30K in new revenue.
• Served as Interim Sales Manager for Job Search Television Network in 2010
o Created a progressive online branding and business launch campaign for JSTN, a company based solely on social media marketing (web video, twitter and community-based sites).
o Despite a minimal budget, developed effective marketing that introduced counter-intuitive and highly contemporary services to regional hiring companies.
o Capitalized on social networking tools such as LinkedIn groups to build and connect with a far-reaching audience; targeted experts within a niche demographic with the goals of creating conversations around JSTN’s services and forward-thinking opportunities.

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Account Manager/Social Media Manager, Berbere Imports, Culver City, CA 2003 - 2010
Managed sales of high-end architectural imports from more than 20 countries. Served as social media manager, website manager, and photographer. Developed new business, including largest U.S. denim retailer, True Religion Brand Jeans. Oversaw custom orders, from concept to delivery.
• Conceptualized and executed visual product displays in 60,000-square-foot showroom, resulting in a sales increase of 25%. With detailed product knowledge, provided strong merchandising and product analysis. Generated $650k in sales in 2007, $750k in 2008; and targeted to reach sales of $750k in 2009.
• Implemented e-mail marketing, developed new website (resulting in 30% sales growth), and ensured that clients received shipment and update information bi-weekly, resulting in high pre-sales and time-savings for buyers.
• Boosted sales by 100% in 2006 with custom presentation and marketing materials at California Gift Show. As a result, netted $50k monthly through show referrals (one year’s sales with two tradeshow cycles).
• Designed and managed trade show marketing collateral, including selecting products and booth design, providing website and show photography, and managing advertising and public relations.
• Developed and launched local design and art district. Served as website director and marketing strategist, starting with no budget. ( Organized marketing and website committees.
Sales Manager, Shelter Furniture, Santa Monica, CA 2001 - 2003
Managed furniture company operations ($500k in annual sales) without experienced sales staff, marketing tools, advertising, or website. Managed creative sales and strategic customer-retention strategies; enhanced showroom environment; and recruited, hired, and trained four employees.
• Created a customer-centric environment, growing annual revenues by 10% through excellent merchandising, client focus, and by developing the “next step” in the sales process as well as follow-up after the sale. Focused on solutions, emphasized product usage, and empowered the buyer. Increased sales quarterly by 20% to 30% through effective client follow-up. Raised sales 10% during 2002 (significant, based on the impact of 9/11/01).
• As a mentor/coach, empowered staff with product knowledge and sales techniques. Addressed concerns, resulting in better customer-centric selling, more focus on solutions, better people targeting and understanding of product usage, and higher satisfaction of customer requirements.
• Developed/delivered presentations to educate showroom clients regarding products. This sales approach resulted in a 33% increase in revenue. Consistently re-merchandised showroom inventory, resulting in repeat client visits.

Showroom Manager, Shen’s Gallery & Imports, Los Angeles
General Manager, Anthropologie, Beverly Hills
Area Manager, Chelsea Passage, Barneys, Beverly Hills
Professional Free-Lance Photographer, / /

Bachelor of Science degree, Arts Management, Columbia College, Chicago
La Cienega South Design & Art District (, Marketing & Web Development Director, 2006 - 2010
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