Hayley Blythe

Freelance Digital Artist & Graphic Designer

Location:newcastle upon tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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Since i was a child, I have always been enraptured by fantastical worlds and characters.

My schoolteachers labeled me as a dreamer, and they were right. I would spend hours daydreaming about magical worlds and the people i would meet in them. My inspiration coming from children's illustrated fairytale books and, of course, Enid Blyton's Faraway tree adventures.

I grew into adulthood with the firm belief that i would never lose this childlike, imaginative state....and i didn't!

My artwork reflects my imagination, and all i ask in return is that it brings a smile or an emotion to the person looking upon it.

I am a Dreamer!
I am a Creative!
I am an Artist!

I am a self taught Digital artist. I prefer to stay away from formal art education since leaving school. My personal belief being that to truly be creative, an artist needs to be without constraints. If I want to learn a new technique, i research it, I practice it, i learn it!

I have created two distinct styles that i work with, One being the whimsical "Lissy" series. A childlike creation with an essence of innocence.

The other, Fantasy and mythology based. drawn from my love of fantastical characters and myth.

folio 1 - http://urbangraceart.smoothfolio.com/about/

folio 2 :http://www.behance.net/urbangrace/frame
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