Jennifer Jacono

Freelance Catalog Photographer & Commercial Videographer

2 Skills
Business experience:
The Picture Place: 1996-2011 Melbourne, FL
Photographer and Videographer for studio and location shoots. Computer software packages used: Final Cut Pro, CS5, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Premier

Production Experience:
California Conservation Corp 1995 San Francisco, CA
Teacher of a high school Hi-8 video production program giving SF inner city kids an opportunity to speak out about the world they live. The class covered the production process from script to final cut. Produced 12 completed shorts every 10 weeks
Long Shot (fastest boat in the world) Bodega Bay, CA
I produced a short production on Russell Long’s successful attempt to break the fastest sailboat in the world. I shot Hi-8 the documenting camera for Guinness World Records and shot and edited final story about the process.
Marine Software 1997 Marina Del Rey, CA
I was involved in the overall planning and scheduling for computer software for boaters. I handled the video production, budget, schedule and flow charts for entire boat multi media package

I shot 5 short films on 16mm film – From script to final print
Love Thing (5 min.) - Don’t be afraid of the Dark (7 min.) - Moving Inward (24 min.) - Resume (17 min.) - Group Motion (25 min.) Contest winner “Best Short Film”

The experience listed below covers still photography, video and film production. These shoots included car commercials, feature films, documentary and shorts and business interviews and meetings. I worked as a freelance photographer, production manager, video producer and location manager in Los Angeles & San Francisco Ca.
Fox TV (Location) Warner Bros.
Propaganda (PM) MGM Studio
Wertz Foods (PM) Kokalaris Films
Full Frame Productions (editor) MTV (music video)
HBO Films (academy winner) SF-TV (producer)

BA San Francisco State U (1995) Film & Video Production
Graduate CA Small Business Center Entrepreneur Series
Grad Production UCLA Interactive Media Business
MBA Currently Business Leadership