Shawn Fang

Freelance Chinese Translator & Admin Support Freelancer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
2 Skills
Work Experience

Food Service Host
I was positioned in a restaurant and served as a cashier. Even though I was designated as a cashier, I also responsible for giving directions and information about the park to visitors. Though I enjoyed working as part of the team, but most of time I was sent to work in a food stand outside the restaurant by myself as requested by my supervisor. So it was like working in two environments in one job. Working in a team certainly got the job done faster and easier through cooperation; on the other hand, working by myself proven a little bit challenging, but that only gave the opportunity to learn more about myself in handling different situations. Not all of them had happy endings, but that's the experience I need to better improve myself. I never missed a day of work, nor been late once through my entire time in the park, because I think if I couldn't do this simplest task, I was not committed to do my job well.

Independent Interpreter
I've been working as an independent interpreter for disabled persons in the USCIS office since the beginning of 2010.First of all, before the interview starts I have to make sure if applicant brought all required documents and I had to review the documents to make sure they are full and accurate. As a result, this is the great experience for me learn the importance of organization and paper filing. Even though I am only a interpreter, but it really feels like I am also been interviewed by a different person every time. Different officers ask questions a little bit differently, and that's why every time I walk into that office is a new experience.
Volunteer Work
-I was a volunteer in the Light the Night walk fundraising event for people with severe sicknesses like cancer.
-Tutor neighbor's kids and translation for seniors.
-Help elderly fill our forms and applications.