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Mark Combs

Freelance Logo Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
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Rate/Hr is a full service design/illustration studio. We specialize and enjoy logo design and illustration. Your project looks like a perfect fit for us. We have several clients that we serve remotely with great success. We have ample experience in not only design but in marketing and promotions. Having served as designer in several agencies, and Marketing Director in several corporations, our unique skill set will serve you well.

Our theory is that your company is one of a kind and you should have graphics that match your uniqueness. Creating one of a kind premium graphics is the primary way your customers will remember you and return to you for more. We believe that no company or it's graphics should fit into a mold or come off of a assembly line. That is why we take the time to discover your design DNA and then create one of a kind graphics to maximize not only your look but your ROI.

Here is what our clients are saying:

“One of the unique advantages to having Mark as your design marketer is his vast turn-key knowledge of the marketing industry. He has helped me with ideas for trade shows, retaining customers, obtaining new customers, branding, designing wraps for autos, stationery and basically whatever was needed to promote the company. Normally, especially in marketing, you have to deal with several companies to accomplish your marketing goals. Mark is like your general contractor and his expertise is invaluable. His Cre8tive Marketing plan takes an average business and positions that business right alongside the “big boys”. I believe, after working with Mark, that any company manager or owner will recognize having Cre8tive Marketing as a part of their business plan was one of their best decisions.”
– Teresa Morison, Advance Alarms

"I have been working with Mark for the past 4 years in the areas of corporate brand identity, package design, graphics,logo wear, presentations, photo shoots, and various areas of printed media. He is always quick to task and works very closely with me to make certain that my projects look like my projects... Mark is a rare find in todays graphic identity environment and his ability is the reason we have and will continue to use Mark’s skill set!"
– Joe Davidson, World Champion BBQ Cook,

“Let me start by saying, that for me it is about the relationships I have in business and in life that make the difference. My biggest fear was working with someone off of the Internet that I have never met. Most of the people I deal with are local. He created a logo for a company that my brother and I started and the experience was just awesome. I was extremely pleased at how responsive he is…to our requests, to our emails, everything for that matter. That was over 3 years ago. I have used him for many different projects, logos, identity creation, marketing advice, graphics for websites, and many other things. What I like the most is that he always answers the phone or email and responds to your needs. One of these days I will actually get to meet him, even though I feel like he is a life-long friend. He is like having your own graphics/marketing person in house.”
– Chris Martin, ZinCode

"Mark Combs and have been a God send for our business. We recently purchased a business and our biggest concern was improving the marketing and professional imagery so that we can franchise the business. After Mark completed our transformation we have gotten hundreds of compliments on the improvements and the biggest showing is in the bottom line. The creative ideas that he brings to the table proved to be a perfect fit for our operation. His customer service is first class and anyone would be shortchanged if they didn't use Mark for their marketing and creative needs."
– Taylor Foster, SnowyJoes

Thanks for your time and consideration.
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