Linda Aslaksen

Freelance Illustrator & Book Illustrator

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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I'm a Norwegian Freelance Illustrator based in London, graduated from University College Falmouth.

Areas of illustration and creative work.
Editorial, magazines, advertising, promotional work, print, posters, characters, banners, bookcovers, handrenered type, conceptual, commercial, corporate, webdesign, childrens books(incl. storyboard).

I use traditonal media, mixed media, collage, and use Photoshop for final touches and design/layout.

I collage energetic and expressive characters and people using fashion magazines especially, it's sort of recycling to make art. It's usually themes about people and the relationship between them. I draw and add textures with mixed media to get an original touch to the collages. I draw details, sometimes inspired from old technical machine drawings, and from old decorative patterns etc. I also like to include my own handrendered type when appropriate to the subject/brief.

Language: exceptionally good English acquired due to a degree studying illustration in England. Fluent in Norwegian.

Photoshop skills, and a loose understanding of InDesign, Dreamweaver and Illustrator.
General IT-knowledge(PC/Mac), Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. Internet, research, networking and promoting.

Ability to adapt quickly with new software/tools, media and techniques.
Painting Skills, realistic (Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic and Spray paint)
Drawing Skills; creating rough/fine sketches,layout, storyboard, detailed, perspectives, life drawing.

Problem solving
Creative processing
Research Skills
Market awareness
Time management and organizational skills
The ability to communicate in a professional situation
Dedicated, reliable and punctual.

Sociable, polite and open-minded.
Willing to take on challenges to learn from new experiences, and determined to complete any task presented.
Able to follow deadlines, deliver on time and providing quality results, and keeping in contact with client throughout a project when relevant.
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Book Illustration