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Mariam Alhazaa

Freelance Ad Designer & Article Writer

Location:Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia
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Personal Particulars
Name: Mariam Alhazaa

Career Objective
Completing my degree at Monash University, I am seeking employment to continue gaining experience and apply my knowledge in the professional workforce. My long term goal is to have permanent employment in the field of Communication, Community Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Promotion and Design. Being a highly driven individual I am looking for a challenge that will keep me motivated.

Tertiary: Monash University
Bachelor of Communication- majoring in Public Relations
Victorian Certificate of Education
Areas of Study: English, Literature, Visual Communication and Arts.

Summary of Skills
• Extensive practice in Leadership Skills
• High level of computer competency, including programs such as Maya, 3Dmax and Adobe CS5.5 Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Dream Weaver, Flash MS office suite, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word
• High value towards customer relations
• Exemplary customer service
• Organisational skills
• Management skills
• Project and event management experience
• Mental Health First aid Certificate
• Journalistic skills and extensive writing experience

Personal qualities
• An eye for detail
• Honesty
• Approachability
• Independence
• Dedication an high initiative for success of projects
• Pro-activity in team environments
• Punctuality
• Helpfulness
• Reliability

• Publishing
• The world game, Australian and European Football
• Design
• Ancient history
• Writing
• Extensive reading


• Mental Health First Aid Training (Sponsored by Berwick Campus’ Health, Well being and Development team).

• Student Ambassador, Open Day, Orientation weeks and High achievers programs of 2009, 2010 and 2011
I was selected to aid the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Monash University, with visitors who tour the Campus as well as sitting on a question panel offered for prospective students to enquire about life on Campus and at University. I was also prominently involved with the High Achievers Programs by being a student mentor. This role included facilitating discussion between students of up to 50 per mentor in situation such as group debates, critical thinking exercises and academic games.

• 2008 Grass Roots Football Coaching Certificate
I acquired this certificate to have a better understanding of technique and skills and to be able to coach football in the near future. I received this qualification from the Victoria football Federation.

• 2007 Art Captain
As Art Captain, I individually organised the Winter Arts Festival which became a success due my connections with the local newspaper, who printed the details of the events prior to the night, leading to over three hundred people attending the night during the three hour event. The event was based on showcasing the creative work that was produced by the student at the secondary college.

Employment History

2011-Current -Monash University
Administrative Assistant/ Marketing and Communications Officer
Within this role I have organised many events with the initiative to promote new courses and the University. I have also been able to compile a list of all the local schools in the south eastern region, contacting these schools to book consultation time for the new courses that the university is introducing, and booking presentations or consultation time for students and staff. I also put together a report which indicated how the university’s campus website can be improved and updated all information and relevant content. As part of my role I was also responsible for overlooking Orientation Week, ensuring that all university faculties and services are able to deliver their content during the week. This included:
• Ensuring staff from the Information Technology Services are informed about the event and have all documents needed for presentations in various areas of the university.
• Inform Facilities and Services organise each allocated area is well equipped and organised for different activities.
• Allocating student representatives with specific duties and create a timesheets for tours, activities and presentations.
• Being the source of contact for all services and faculties for information and assistance.
I also have had experience in lodging a request for special funding which involved highlighting why the funding was necessary, the benefits of funding towards project, the purpose of the project and the overall expected long term outcome that the funding would contribute for the event.

2011 March - May -Monash University
Marketing and Communications Intern
Between March-May of 2011 my role as an intern and has included performing various duties, including writing Press Releases for the local newspaper, researching articles for the campus brochure and managing the quality and content of the LCD screen. I was also assigned the role of interviewing students for the campus website and monitoring online information in regards to the University and the Berwick campus. This Role involved 24 hours attendance per week and due to my ongoing presence I was able to establish better relationships with staff and earn bigger responsibilities. These responsibilities included designing posters for upcoming events and assisting the Marketing and Communication Coordinator with events such as Information Sessions, Open Day, and various conferences organised for the university. I was also able to present my knowledge of content by representing the university during information sessions and school visits.

2010-2011 -Monash Union
Executive Officer (Education)
I was elected to represent the students of Berwick campus throughout the coming year, in regards to Academic Progress Hearings and general disputes. I have organised short courses such as RSA’s, Mental First Aid, and CPR for the students and staff. My role involves communicating to student and educating them the best ways to become employable and assisting them with writing their portfolio’s and resumes and informing them of the best action they should take to have better prospective after graduating from their degrees. My role has currently been fulfilled and I have already successfully completed my KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) including developing a strong presence with the university’s staff and students. Also within my role and other members of the Student Union, I acted as an administrator within the office for external members. This involved answering queries from students and staff and compiling lists of duties and activities., also consisted of updating the union facebook page and inviting guest to events and advertising in the weekly newsletter.

2009-2010 -Monash Union
Student Magazine Graphics Editor
I was appointed to this position after presenting a folio with examples of what I would like to do with the magazine. Four editions of the student magazines were published in 2010 and I was responsible for: the quality of background work and text; answering to the MUBS board and ensuring a timely and effective pre-approval presentation before each edition was authorised to be sent to the Publisher and designing the backgrounds, fonts and general design details for each edition using Adobe's Illustrator. I also, outside of my job requirements, liaised with the publisher to ensure the entire process went smoothly. I developed closer relationships with sponsors to make certain of their long-term commitment and to have better understanding of their needs so that I would be able to better cater for their requirements.

2007- Current – E-bay Online Shop
Online Communication and Webpage Organiser
This role presented new challenges as it allowed me to increase the effectiveness of my communication skills using an online platform. I maintained all communication such as:
• Product name and description and refining keywords for the search engine
• Learning all aspects of the products and the organisation
• Answering customer enquiries
• Responding to late deliveries and disputes, as the company sends all bought items via mail
• Developing positive relationships with regular customers
• Posting all new items on the webpage and updating information
• Compiling lists and monthly reports of sales, consumer feedbacks, frequently asked questions, popular items, including developing a report to increase productivity and sales on a quarterly basis.
Within this position I took the initiative to increase positive communication between the organisation and the customers which was achieved by delivering messages and information to potential customers in a clear, concise and easy to understand language. As there are many business competitors it was my duty to ensure that the products on the webpage were presentable and appealing so to attract online consumers. To provide more services than the competitors and stay aware of other business activity to better offer a more than standard service. As a result the online shop has 99% positive feedback and is now a Power Seller. This being an online job I was able to work my own hours from home. The success of the this position is due to my organisation and time management skill. I was able to perform these tasks daily for approximately four to five hours whist also being a student and having other employment commitments.

2007-2009 - The Footy Blog
Online Football Reporter
I assumed this role using an online website where I was able to write articles and report for Football matches. This allowed to me establish and learn a specific writing style that better suited sport readers. I was able to rate my site and the popularity of my articles by the number of traffic that occurred. I developed a stronger sense for keywords and descriptions to place for each article in order to receive more traffic. Through this role I learnt that relevancy and timeliness the most important aspect of writing for sports.
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