Agata Surmikova

Freelance Outdoor Photographer & Portrait Photographer

Location:Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2 Skills
My work is mostly intuitive and expressive, often dreamy and surreal. I try to amalgamate a real life experiences, dreams and visions into the photographs and leave an emotional message for the others to feel. or not to feel. I use Canon cameras (1000D, 60D). I prefer natural light in combination with exteriors and interiors, but also I use my studio kit - 4200 watts Continuous Lighting set (3 x soft box with 7 lamps in each) in combination with black and white background. Also I use Adobe photoshop CS4 for improving my photo images by changing background. I am open to all tfp and tfcd shoots and always up for some new experiments. I love all creative techniques created by using different lenses 18-55mm, 70-300mm, 50mm. Also I was always impressed by using studio lights, reflection boards and all types of filters.