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Kara Clark

Freelance Song Writer & Music Producer

Location:Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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Singer/Songwriter in Nashville. Ability to write Alt Country/Country/Outlaw/Rock

"Kara Clark brings a new soulful energy to music. Her style and talent is just what country music needs." - Edwin McCain
Old school lyricist with rock and roll attitude
Unconventional, and unconstrained by others’ opinions, Kara Clark and her badass Alt Country/Rock sound just hits the stage running. She doesn’t care where she “fits in” cause when she’s out there, it all falls into place.

Kara’s always worn her heart on her sleeve (literally, with every tattoo), and her written word is the woven tapestry of troubled times, hidden passion, injustice, haunting ghosts, hypocrisy, regret, the worst love we seem to want, empowerment and the gritty, storied truth. Her first album, SINNIN,’ released in 2010, set the ball rolling. She’s currently in the studio laying demos for the next.

Highway’s chorus (Sinnin’) leaves women stomping: “She chose the highway, the road he told her she could take. He don’t know he’s been replaced, by a lonely stretch of interstate…” Southern Hospitality, a song from her next album, unravels a haunting, then hopeful piece of history: “It’s called justice not corruption. There’s nothing you can do. God forbid you don’t look like them, they will pin their sins on you…” Then there’s the head-nodder lines from With You and Whiskey and Cigarettes, “Jesus don’t lie, Devil don’t cry, I don’t know either of the two….Whiskey and cigarettes, are gonna be the death of me. I sleep with regret, my best friend is misery.”

Kara flips the bird with a smile when asked what genre of music she sees herself within. Forced to place herself as Alt-Country/Rock, she laughs and quotes her favorite description from a fan: “Kara’s a twisted **** of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Janis Joplin and Guns & Roses.”

She’s been there. Gets it. A mature entry into the Nashville scene, this black-haired, tattooed beauty, with Native American heritage and curvy, twangy, super-sexy West Virginian storytelling style, wasn’t going to change to fit some mold.

“I’m not puttin’ on the outfit, losin’ the weight, or colorin’ my hair! People love me for who I am. ****, I love me for who I am.” This single mom of two teenage kids declares, “I’ve been an Indie in the head all my life! And the lyrics just flow. Hell it wasn’t until I was recording ****** or ******* that I even realized where the music might have come from. My grandfather was a musician, played with Hank Sr. No wonder why I’m a country girl at heart!”
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Song Writing
Music Production