Jennifer Proctor Redondo

Freelance Comedy Writer & Content Writer

Location:Union City, California, United States
2 Skills


o Makeup & Skincare Copywriter, Proofreader and Content Creator for L’Bel Paris– Direct Sales Beauty Company
o Copywriter for PayPal and the San Francisco Opera Boutique
o Bilingual curriculum writer and script developer – Providian Corporation
o Creative writer for Real Estate company
o Linguist-Editor-Content Manager for PayPal Mexico – proficient in Idiom translation software
o Localization and Language Specialist – English to Spanish
o Writer and narrator of voiceover scripts in English and Spanish
o Superior Translating, Interpreting, Copywriting and Writing Skills
o Bilingual in Spanish, lived in Mexico 11 years.
o Writer of Dramatic work for stage and screen.
o Bachelor of Arts from Mills College, Oakland, California.

Contract Translator through Welocalize October 2011 Present

Backup Linguist - October 2010 - Present
• Reviewing all translation drops according to internal schedules. Proofreading & editing of all content for website.
• Evaluating, reviewing and providing feedback to the localization vendor on an ongoing basis.
• Assume responsibilities of Linguist for Mexico PayPal site as required.

Translator, Editor & Writer April 2011 – June 2011
• Adaptation, editing and rewriting of English educational website content for Spanish Speaking users who wish to take the ACT College Entrance Exam.
• Research of English content to ensure correct translation and optimize user experience.
• Translation of edited content from English to Spanish.
• Adhere to voice and tone of Shmoop website

L'BEL PARIS-BELCORP USA July 2010 – June 2011
Copywriter, Content Creator & Translator
• Write & edit all external, consumer-facing web site content based on strategy/guidelines.
• Write any necessary copy as assigned by Marketing or other departments. This may include but is not limited to: press releases, team member bios, recruiting material, educational materials, training materials, any and all communication materials as needed.
• Writing & editing copy in English and/or Spanish for Website, Banner ads, emails, monthly magazine and catalogue for Beauty Advisors.
• Work with internal team members to execute web content strategy.
• Assist with copywriting needs as requested.
• Partner with corporate headquarters in Lima to secure product and corporate information to ensure the companies are aligned in terms of offers, messaging, etc.
• Write, edit, post all external, consumer-facing web site content.
• Post any and all necessary content to web site using internal CMS system.

PayPal Mexico –
Copywriter - Content Manager – Linguist March 2009 – October 2010
Responsible for the quality, translation and production of content on

Language Specialist & Linguist – Mexican Spanish
Content: General Business, Banking, e-commerce, Marketing, Financial, Internet Technology, Legal agreements, Customer Service, iPhone, Blackberry, Help, Email, FAQs
• Reviewing all translation drops according to internal schedules
• Evaluating, reviewing and providing feedback to the localization vendor on an ongoing basis

• Responsible for creation of style guide, Glossary, company’s tone.
• Responsible for elaborating test for vendors, LQA, Linguists and reviewing candidates’ tests and ability to use tools and investigate;
• Review, ICE match review, translation, TM updates; TM Clean-up; Glossary clean-up, TOOF projects
• Website QA testing, bug report, bug fixing.
• Testing of PayPal Mobile App for iPhone and Blackberry

Copywriter-Content Manager & Editor
Apply knowledge of the Mexico market and communication style to enable effective collaboration with user experience team to increase comprehensive effectiveness of PayPal business
• Writing of scripts for online tutorials, directing bilingual voiceover talent.
• Adapting US source product content for the Mexico market
• Writing compelling marketing copy for the Mexico market
• Creating content based on direction from product management and understanding of the Mexico cultural preferences
• Collaborating with user interface and visual designers, product managers, and developers to develop engaging user experiences
• Understanding and adhering to PayPal brand and legal requirements
• Understanding product life cycle, milestones, and deliverables
• Writing new marketing content in Spanish & editing for website, email messages, etc.
• Evaluate all Mexican marketing content to ensure linguistic excellence
• Edit and rewrite bilingual copy written by marketing agency
• Performing translation tasks as needed

L'BEL PARIS-BELCORP USA August 2008 – February 2009
Copywriter and Translator
• Developing/creating Spanish and English translations for website.
• Partnered with Marketing Department to create compelling, culturally relevant copy for Spanish speaking market in Mexico and the USA.
• Reviewing, proofreading, and editing all Spanish and English content prior to website publication.
• Translated and wrote 120-page printed skin care, cosmetics and fragrance catalog every three weeks, adjusting the text to suit the US market.
• Translated and wrote sales conference scripts, training materials, 16-page magazine for sales consultants, infomercial, horoscopes, web content and product descriptions and instructions.
• Worked closely with corporate headquarters in Lima, Peru to oversee scheduling and production of the above items.
• Proofread all English materials and Spanish materials.
• Extensive research prior to launch of new products.
• Supervise translation work of Independent Translator.
• Other translation work as required.

Playwright/Screenwriter 2000 - 2011
“The Miracle of the Tortilla Steamer” Solo Show (bilingual)
“Gentle Musings of a Reluctant Pianist” Solo Show (bilingual)
“Romantic Tribulations of a Lonely Fish” Play in progress

Freelance Business Writer January 2002 – 2010
o Writer of voiceover scripts in English and Spanish
o Writer of location specific anecdotes for Real Estate brochures –Paragon Realty
o Copywriter for San Francisco Opera Boutique and website.
o Supervising Producer/Writer for Bilingual Educational Video Series on Domestic Violence.

Tigerfish Transcriptions October 2007- September 2008
o Translator/Researcher of documentary footage from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador
o Transcription/translation of Focus Groups: diabetes, autism, etc Spanish into English.
o Transcription/translation of documentary video footage Spanish into English; time coding of transcript for editing purposes.
o Translation of script into Spanish for documentary “The **** of Europa”

Freelance Translator-Interpreter August 2001-2010
o Interpreter for Abaris Group (Clinics in County of Marin)
o Translation of scripts, voice over copy, business documents, etc.
o Interpreter & Liaison for employers and Spanish speaking employees in diverse business settings.
o Translation Project Manager – IBTI – San Francisco.

San Francisco Opera September 1997-April 2004
Retail Manager/Volunteer Coordinator/Product Developer
• Writer of promotional material for Opera Shop events; copywriter for the online Opera Shop.
• Planned and supervised operation of Opera Shop Boutique, online Opera Shop and other Retail Projects. Performed all day-to-day Administrative duties in Office. Partnered with Human Resources to address and solve employee issues
• Strategically purchased all retail items and monitored inventory. Processed and shipped return merchandise.
• Prepared and monitored annual merchandising budget and provided weekly updates on sales. Input merchandise into PC system, submitted monthly inventory to Finance.
• Prepared Invoices, completed banking and daily cash reconciliation, submitted daily deposits to the Finance Department.
• Organized, implemented and supervised visual merchandising in the Opera Shop to reflect specific production related themes.
• Organized in house CD signings with Record Labels for Ramon Vargas, Renee Fleming, Susan Graham, Deborah Voigt, Juan Diego Flores, etc
• Hired, trained and supervised Volunteers and Staff to assist in all aspects of Retail Operations
• Partnered with War Memorial House Staff to streamline all interaction of Opera shop staff and Volunteers with Patrons
• Designed and developed season specific and production specific merchandise for sale and promotional publications. Worked closely with Vendors and Designers to develop products to support the mission and goals of the San Francisco Opera. Designed Promotional material for Opera Shop events.
• Interfaced directly with Opera Patrons to encourage their feedback and improve operations.
• Promoted from Shop Assistant to Manager in 2001 for superior work performance
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