Evan Schwartz

Freelance Portrait Photographer & Product Photographer

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
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Evan Schwartz Photography
Evan@evanschwartzphoto.com . 347-633-3426 . 601 7th st., Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Obtain a position where I can use my studio photography/lighting talents and experience in luxurious, design-filled lifestyle mediums to entice loyal consumers to fine tailored tradition. Additionally, to expand experience in photographic storytelling and editing.

Excellence in Photography, Editing & Retouching

Dynamic and innovative professional Photographer and Editor with both domestic and international recognition as an exceptional visual communicator. A deeply skilled photographic narrator with a passion for compelling and original concepts, and a keen focus on image and impact. Combines intuitive design strengths with specific client requirements to create powerful collateral that blends seamlessly into the fabric of the target market and established brand parameters.

Secured both a solo exhibition and a New York Times review prior to college graduation, based on strength of portfolio and level of innovation and expertise across the body of work.
A collaborative team player with the proven ability to rapidly grasp and absorb diverse corporate cultures, and deliver results that consistently exceed all stakeholder expectations.

Areas of Strength

Project Management • Editing & Retouching • Branding • Visual Concepts • Advertising • Client Relations • Social Media • Team Leadership • Web Optimization

Professional Experience

Simon & Schuster, New york, NY 2009-2011
Photographer (Freelance)

Recruited by S & S to serve as their first in-house photographer, played a key role in the establishment of their new studio, providing guidance and expertise with regard to equipment selection and correct installation and set up. Coordinates all shoot aspects, including model bookings, and liaising extensively with the art director and editor to ensure the book covers achieve the perfect visual interpretation of the content.

Worked successfully within the confines of tight budgets, minimal equipment and limited physical space to create covers for numerous books that continue to be New York Times bestsellers.
Received ongoing positive feedback from the designers and editors regarding both the book covers, and the collaborative, cooperative team atmosphere present during the shoots.

Conde Nast-Domino Magazine, New York, NY 2008-2009
Online Photo Editor (Freelance)

Oversaw all color correcting and image retouching for Dominomag.com, and held full accountability for all image approval (legal and copyright) prior to online use. Contributed to weekly team meetings, and created and designed photographic stories to compliment the articles featured on the company website. Worked very effectively to extremely tight deadlines in a high pressure atmosphere, ensuring breaking news stories had the appropriate and most visually appealing imagery in support of the editorial pieces. Orchestrated a collaborative and seamless transition in key responsibilities from the previous photo editor, maintaining consistency, quality and focus at all times.

Allure Magazine, New York, NY 2010-2011
Retoucher (Freelance)

Working in a very demanding, fluid and fast-paced environment, conducted expert retouching of all product photographs for website re-launch. Refined and improved several thousand images, while simultaneously training and assisting fellow retouchers on tool optimization techniques. Attended weekly strategy meetings, contributed to SEO strategy planning, and the development of improved internal efficiencies and process enhancements.

Gilt City, New York, NY 2011
Assistant Photo Editor & Retoucher (Freelance)

Created extensive quantities of thoughtful photographic stories in support of company product sales, working in a remote environment while maintaining online contact with the design and editing teams. Supplemented the end product by sourcing unique and appropriate stock images, performed digital manipulation, scans and retouches for all images as necessary, and significantly expanded technical skill sets and knowledge base by soliciting constructive feedback and guidance from senior staff.

Evan Schwartz Photography, Brooklyn, NY 2007-Present
Owner & Photographer

Provides extensive photographic services to a diverse client base, with a specific focus on products such as jewelry and furnishings. Known for exceptional portrait work, in addition to music, high end interior and wedding photography. Successfully optimized company website to maximize Google searches across a variety of sectors, and has consistently doubled revenues every year since 2007.

Education • Professional Development

BA in Photography • Pratt Institute - recipient of the Steve Horn Art & Design Award

Software Proficiencies:
Adobe Photoshop, CS4/CS5, Dreamweaver, MS Word, MS Excel, Capture NX2, Adobe Bridge, FileMaker Pro, Portfolio, FTP, Basic HTML, Teamsite, SEO

Hardware Proficiencies:
Nikon Digital, Mamiya 645, Dynalite, Profoto, Tungsten, Multiple Light Diffusers, Darkroom Printing, Digital Printing, Basic Carpentry

References and portfolio available on request