Lynette Thoman

Freelance Annual Report Writer & Content Writer

Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2 Skills
I am an accomplished communications professional, skilful project manager, and dedicated researcher with significant experience in the Oil and Gas industry and academia. I have a proven track record helping organizations improve performance, leadership, corporate culture and profitability.
Currently pursuing International Coaching Federation accreditation (Spring, 2012).

Expert communication and interpersonal skills as leader of diverse teams
Fearless presentation skills
Attentive and dedicated staff supervisor
Tenacious research skills, exemplary copy-editing skills
Original, imaginative, and impeccable writing skills
Master multi-tasker and impressive time management skills
Creative author of professional publications (procedure guides, manuals, promotional material) and business communications
Innovative project and event coordinator; self-starter, prescient strategist for press release development and publicity management

Sessional Faculty Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
2008 – Present
Business Communications (J.R. Shaw School of Business); Critical Reading and Writing (B.Tech)
Semestered on-line and classroom courses: design curriculum and on-line materials (via Web CT, Blackboard, and Moodle); lecture, facilitate discussion, grade assignments, essays and exams, submit final marks.

Managing Director
Northern Touch Consulting Corp.
2008 – Present
Northern Touch has expertise in such areas as Program Management and Delivery, Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Business Case Development, to name a few!

Highlights of my recent work include:

Continued assignments as a Corporate Trainer (since November, 2010); most popular courses and seminars include: Motivating Employees in the Workplace: Bridging Generation Gaps, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Conducting Research and Analysis, Report and Proposal Writing, Technical Writing, Building an Effective Team, Strategic Planning Skills, Strategic Project Management, Train the Trainer

Weir Canada (Field Service): project start-up (mobilization), project scheduling, cost tracking, reporting and change management, project close-out, prepare procedural manuals; Lean management coordination

Enbridge Pipelines (Athabasca Projects):
Implemented information management and collaboration system among diverse pipeline and facilities construction projects and teams:
Designed scheduling, compliance assessment and audit procedures;
Trained management, staff, internal and external contractors to use the information management system;
Worked collaboratively with each group to determine, create, and implement procedures to ensure compliance and consistent processes across projects;
Monitored change management, risk and compliance pertaining to all members across function groups;
Staffed document control team;
Created quality management procedures and audit processes to ensure document control compliance to meet corporate and industry-wide standards.

Co-Coordinator - Composition Program, Dept. of English
State University of New York, New Paltz
November 2005 – October 2007
Provide faculty development resources and guidance; co-author and edit publications (training and reference materials, student publications both in-house and in collaboration with Pearson Educational Publishing); manage student and faculty conflict when necessary; coordinate and host staff retreats twice annually;
Revise and present program budget to appropriate administrative offices;
Research, design and execute program assessment:: internal assessment procedures to maintain consistent standards among 55+ courses; design and coordinate annual external annual assessment according to state-wide dictates;
Administer all phases of first-year incoming student placement in Composition Program, whether ESL, remedial, regular or accelerated classes (1000 students annually);
Serve as program liaison to administrative offices, student groups, various disciplines across campus, and local high schools;
Research national trends and policy in Writing Administration and Writing Programs and periodically review and revise standard, remedial and honours curriculum as necessary;
Responsible for the daily administrative operations of the Composition Program, including but not limited to: scheduling Program Committee meetings, handling and responding to correspondence for the Composition Program; organizing and maintaining statistical records for the Program;
Plan, organize and publicize (print and media) Composition Program initiatives and function as well as specific college-wide initiatives;
Ex officio member of campus-wide Writing Board and Composition Program Committee.

Adjunct Faculty
Dept. Sociology, State University of New York
January 2006 – May 2007
Mass Media and Society; Social Inequality in the United States; Sociology of Childhood
35-45 students per course, semestered (two 1 ¼ hour lectures per week): design curriculum, lectured, proctored exams, marked essays, assignments, exams, submitted final marks and counseled students during office hours.

Guest Faculty
Department of Cultural Theory Instituto Superior de Arte
January 2005 – May 2005
Social and Political Thought: East v West - A Comparative Perspective
15 graduate students, twice a week, 3-hour classes: Designed curriculum, lectured, led and facilitated discussion, marked research papers and reported my grade recommendation.

Visiting Faculty
Instituto Superior de Arte
September 1997 – August 2004
University Term in Cuba Inc. Toronto/Havana
Co-designed program and specific course offerings in cooperation with three Cuban universities and the Ministry of Higher Education in Cuba (7wk. terms held in January, March, July and October)
University accredited courses included:
Introductory, intermediate and advanced Spanish
Cuban culture and history
Special interest courses according to demand (e.g., religions, specific historical topics, salsa
Created and implemented marketing and promotional program in Canada to solicit an average of 20 students per term (off-season) and 60 students each January
Administrative duties included accounting, promotion (print and web-based), sales, drafting itinerary and curriculum, client service and preparation to travel;
Interviewed and hired chaperone to travel with each group.

Adjunct Faculty
Wilfred Laurier University
September 2002 – April 2004
Department of Communication and Cultural Studies Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, ON
Introduction to Media and Communication; History of Media and Mass Communication; Advertising and Society
80 students per course, full-year courses (two 2-hour lectures per week): created and proctored exams, marked essays, assignments, exams, submitted final marks and counseled students during office hours.

Teacher's Assistant (TA)
York University
September 2000 – April 2004
Advertising and the Culture of Consumption; Social Order and Organization; Democracy and Human Rights, an International Perspective; Human Rights and World Justice.
Occasionally guest-lectured full classes (350+ students) and taught four 2-hour sessions per week per course. 80 students total per course per year: proctored exams, marked essays, assignments, exams, submitted final marks and counseled students during office hours.


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Becoming a Master Instructor (Adult Learning)
Best Practices for On-line Learning

York University
Masters, Social & Political Thought
1999 – 2001
University of Waterloo
B.A; Honours, English
1994 – 1998