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Mary Zachar

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Federal Way, Washington, United States
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I have no profesional experience in art and I don't have an art degree either. That being said, I enjoy art. I like to draw and paint (mostly in watercolor though I have dabbled in oil and acrilic paint). I have a degree in Zoology, so my best artwork is focused on animals. I have a good understanding of animal anatomy, behavior, evolution and such. And while you are thinking that some of that is basically useless, I like to encorporate it into my artwork. Creating fantasy creatures gets really interesting when you start to look at it from a zoologist's perspective. I can paint and/or draw animal portraits, I do that all the time for friends and family. I can draw diagrams, I spent most of college redrawing the diagrams in the textbooks so I could better understand them. I'm interested in illustrating childrens books, my mother is a preschool teacher and I'm always going through the books looking at the artwork in them. I also do feather paintings. If you are intersted in viewing some of my work you can see it on the deviant art website, my username there is Feadae.
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Animal Illustration