Syed Raza

Freelance Video Editor & Audio Editor

Location:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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186-Pressed Brick Drive

Academic Background
• Accomplish Associate Degree in technical electronics engineering from the GCT Poly Technique College, in the year of 1983 at broadcast and Information System as the major.
• Acquire Bachelor Degree from the Punjab University, Pakistan in the year of 1989.
Computer Skills
• Practiced Operating Systems: Windows9X, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, MS DOS
• Practiced Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express, adobe premier, pinnacle ver10,sound forge,
• photo shop, illustrator, Final cut pro
• Computer hardware / software trouble shooting
• Circuit board assembling of computers, copiers, audio / video amplifiers
• Microwave FPU satellite Dishes Installation and operations
• Practiced Hardware Tools: configuration LAN and Networking
Obtained Certificates
• Obtained Certificate in networking –Novell 4.0
• A+ PC hardware Certificate from Cyber City Computer College Canada
• Obtained TV Engineering/Multimedia production Certificate
• On job Non-leaner editing training.
• Security Training diploma from Iron Horse Security Academy Canada
Professional background

Sep, 1984 – 1998 PTV Corporation
• Position: Television tech
• ENG News coverage, Outdoor broadcast coverage, studio recordings.
• Master Control Room transmissions and Prog-editings.

Jan.1998 - April 2oo6 Video Effect Canada Brampton, Ontario
• POSITION: Technical

Mar, 2006 – Nov, 2009 GEO TV NETWORK
POSITION: Technical
: Work as the Technical supervisor at the GEO TV NETWORK with the following job responsibilities
• Provide necessary planning, coordinating and Network installation with configuring and maintaining several operations for adequate service contract information.
• Provide essential hardware and software for the same reason.
• Formulate valuable service schedules and programs for ensuring quality delivery and cost effective technical jobs.
• Deliver necessary monitoring and maintenance for cost efficient tools, materials and supplies.
• Provide various testing and investigating procedures and formulate improvement measures to all accessible procedures.
• Provide proper analytical methods for various client equipments and determining service and supply requirements.
• Provide proper time management and tasks to work under tough deadline with quantity routine standard.
• TV-Asia London studio equipment installation & start first Transmission in 1992.
• NTM Studio installation & start first transmission from Islamabad.
• IPT installation, satellite up link

Equipment involved:
• Video switchers (Gross valley, schulmberger, bosh, etc.)
• Audio consoles (Tamura, schulmberger, Tiesco, Jvc etc.)
• Experience in handling with variety of master formats including: Beta cam, Beta SP, ¾” U-Matic, Dvcpro, Dvcam, MiniDV, Svhs,
Hi-8, vhs C, 8mm.
• Time Base Correctors JVC,SONY,HITACHI
• Digital Video effects (ACT.1) DME 100
• Sync generators for GEN Locking
• Video DA’s, Audio distribution Amplifiers (ADA)
• Patch panels(Electronic and Manual patch Bays)
• Camera handling as full skilled camera operator
• Beat-SP Camcorders
• Calibration of waveform monitors for broadcast quality control
• IPT (Internet protocol transmission) satellite up linking
• Bgan Video phone


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