Eileen McCarthy-Keddy

Freelance Portrait Artist & Architectural Illustrator

Location:Prescott, Arizona, United States
Phone: 928.778 1312
2 Skills
Okay, so no, I didn't have formal schooling, so that makes me all the more talented I believe, since I taught myself everything I know about creating. Ultimately, my favorite technique is pointillism/stippling in pen & ink. I love doing portraiture and architectural landscapes in this format, but I have utilized many mediums and techniques, from colored pencils to oil paints. I dream to create and I create what you dream.
My history of working professionally goes back to 1984 when I began designing menus, posters, function specific decor and flyers for Tufts University Dining Services. I remained a devoted employee for 18+ years on an on call basis. I have created Pricing/Menu Boards using chalk on chalkboards and I have created signage for various stations in the cafeteria style dining halls.

My most recent full-time employment was for Gnomon Copy in which I was a duplication specialist and designed many projects that included layout, cut and paste, logo, business card and stationary design both by hand and digitally. I worked independently much of the time and with only one other co-worker for 13+ years. I was able to handle all aspects of running the shop proficiently and efficiently. I was a sought after member of the company.

Though I have become disabled, ie., I cannot stand all day long any more, I have finally become the Full-Time Artist I wanted to be when I grew up. I can and do create constantly. My mind is forever running in creative mode and I hope that I can create something for you too.