Perrian LaMothe

Freelance Portuguese Translator & Spanish Translator

Location:Richland, Washington, United States
2 Skills
-I have experience in art, environmental studies, and languages, which have been pursued through formal education, extensive individual travel and research, and self-employment.
-Through varied interests and specialties, I have found the ability to adapt to different personalities, countries, and business relationships. I have strong leadership and problem solving skills.
-My experience in these areas has also allowed me to communicate with a variety of people in a variety of circumstances; I have strong communication skills and I especially enjoy working in varied environments.
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate October 2007
Corinth Certification Program, Corinth, Greece

BA, Spanish; BA, Environmental Ethics and Policy May 2007
University of Portland, Portland, OR

Research Experience
-I extensively studied the relationship between genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the political, economic, and agricultural systems in Latin America.
-I evaluated this relationship through communication with a number of Argentine farmers and Agronomic engineers, and lived on a GMO soy farm to conduct research and understand the relationship from the perspective of the individual.
-After many trips to Argentina, I used my research to write a thesis in English and Spanish on the subject, and I am currently weighing the possibilities involved in starting a non-profit organization related directly to the GMO problem in Latin America.

Work Experience
Avail Learning, Kennewick Washington September 2011-Present
Spanish Translator and Tutor
• Translate all documents and verbal communications with customers
• Tutor both children and adults in English, Math, and potentially language skills
Starbucks Coffee Company June 2011- November 2011
• Serve hundreds of customers daily, using communication and customer service skills in a fast paced work environment

Girl Scouts Office, Richland Washington February 2011-May 2011
Program and Membership Development Coordinator
• Worked to promote and register girls in organization
• Organized, attended, facilitated Service Unit meetings with hundreds of volunteers in and outside of Tri-Cities area.
• Provided trainings for volunteers within my area
• Managed over 800 volunteers, while adding new girls and volunteers to Girl Scouts troops in Eastern Washington
• Translated materials into Spanish for staff members
• Spoke with Spanish-speaking volunteers
• Attended and promoted Girl Scouts events

Barnes and Noble, Kennewick Washington September 2010-March 2011
• Customer service oriented position, spoke with hundreds of people daily while processing transactions
• Used Spanish and Portuguese speaking abilities to interact with customers
• Sold desired products to customers, while making suggestions of materials that would interest them

Interim Office Coordinator, Director for Non-Profit August 2009-January 2010
Volunteer, Richland Washington
• Worked to promote and begin new branch of Green Light New Orleans non-profit in Tri-Cities
• Volunteered full time to assist Green Light in mission to aid lower income families and support the environment simultaneously
• Wrote fundraising materials, created presentations, and networked to access funding for Green Light
Artist, Pasco, Washington December 2007-June 2009
Self Employed
• Developed portfolio and experience, participating in fairs and auctions, networking, and selling through galleries and to independent buyers around the Pacific Northwest.
Translator, Beaverton, OR December 2003-May 2004
Pizza Hut Call Center
• Spent time translating in a variety of instances: in the workplace, English teaching courses, and in everyday circumstances.
• Spoke with hundreds of people daily, which increased adaptability to different accents and colloquial terms; advanced ability to learn other languages with confidence