dheepa Balasubramanian

Freelance Report Writer & Proposal Writer

Location:Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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Dheepa Balasubramanian, Ph.D.


Seeking a position of Medical writer in the areas of disease and therapeutics, utilizing my extensive experience in research of Cancer Biology, Diabetes and Multiple endocrine neoplasia.

Writing Experience

Proficient in writing high quality technical manuscripts, for publishing in peer-reviewed journals

• Balasubramanian D., Zaidi BA., Song L., Beard L., Myeroff L., Lutterbaugh J., Willis J., Crawford GE., Markowitz SD and Scacheri PC. CHIP-ChIp analysis of H3K4me3 at all human promoters distinguishes two classes of transcriptionally repressed genes in colon cancer. Submitted.
• Schnetz MP., Bartels CF., Shastri K., Balasubramanian D., Zentner GE., Balaji R., Zhang X., Song L., Wang Z., LaFramboise T., Crawford GE and Scacheri PC. 2009. Genomic distribution of CHD7 on chromatin tracks H3K4 methylation patterns. Genome Research. 19: 590-601

Demonstrated capability to generate extensive literary reports on a wide variety of medical subjects.

• Prepared written report of the training obtained in hybridoma technology and generation of monoclonal antibodies at Cancer Institute, India
• Produced a written thesis of my Masters project, demonstrating the anti-inflammatory activity of fish oil fatty acids in treating arthritis in rats.

Demonstrated experience in writing Scientific reviews for Books

• Balasubramanian D. and Scacheri PC. Functional studies of Menin through genetic manipulation of the Men1 homolog in mice. 2009. Landes Biosciences

Competent in presenting technical research material at Conferences

• Balasubramanian, D., Kronforst, J., Reddy, A.S.N. and Schuler, M.A. Developmental silencing and gene knockout analysis of the Ser/Arg-rich splicing factor SR45 in Arabidopsis thaliana. Poster. ASPB conference, Orlando, 2004.
• Balasubramanian, D., Reddy, A.S.N. and Schuler, M.A. Use of Transgene-Induced Silencing to Functionally Characterize the SR45 Splicing Factor in Arabidopsis thaliana. Poster. RNA Conference, Madison, 2004.
• Balasubramanian, D., Kronforst, J., Reddy, A.S.N. and Schuler, M.A. Transgene-induced silencing and T-DNA insertional mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana: Strategies to explore splicing factor function. Poster. Arabidopsis Meeting and RNA Processing Meeting, Madison and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, June and Aug 2003

Presented preliminary data in grant proposals for the scientific projects involving Gene Inactivation mechanisms in Colorectal Cancer and RNA Splicing

Successfully produce challenging scientific data in fast-paced multidisciplinary projects, spanning multiple departments and institutions


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2000- 2005
Ph.D Biochemistry
University of Madras, India 1997- 1999
M.S Biochemistry
Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed Women’s College, India 1994- 1997
B.S. Plant Biology

Awards and Achievements

• Member, American Medical Writers Association, 2011
• Harold and Labinsky Award for excellence in Plant Genetics, 2004
• Graduate student Travel Award, 2003
• Member of Phi kappa Phi honor society, 2002

Research Experience

• Demonstrated the epigenetic mechanism of gene silencing of non CpG promoters in colorectal cancer using next generation sequencing techniques
• Defined enhancer profiles and chromatin signatures in neuronal cells, colorectal cancer, human stem cells and pluripotent cells by genome-wide profiling methods
• Characterized the role of splicing factor SR45 in Arabidopsis thaliana using reverse genetics approaches
• Investigated the role of alternative splicing of exon 11 in Diabetes mellitus

Teaching Experience

• Instructed undergraduate Biochemistry laboratory courses
• Graded for graduate level courses in Biochemistry and Biology

Mentoring/Supervisory Skills

• Edited and reviewed thesis of 1 undergraduate student
• Trained 6 graduates and 2 undergraduates in a wide variety of experimental Molecular Biology techniques
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Report Writing
Proposal Writing