Brent Knudsen

Freelance Audio Editor & Videographer

Location:Provo, Utah, United States
2 Skills
Videography and Audio Experience:

-Camera operator, novice level, for live presentations using cameras "a" and "b"
-Editing team member for a 15 minute video using Final Cut on Macintosh interface
-Composer and editor for original songs for educational and entertainment purposes, using multiple tracks--instrumental, vocal, and pre-recorded loops--on Garage Band, Macintosh interface.
-Recording artist (original and cover songs) using friends' professional and semi-professional studios
-Extra in a feature-length film, spending down time fascinated observing the directing, crew and acting roles as well as equipment used to film the movie

Writing Experience:

-Poet-two publications in universities' literary collections, been involved in writing poetry since childhood
-Creative Writer-related courses at high school and collegiate levels
-Teacher-Regular English classes at junior high and high school levels, proofread hundreds of writing assignments
-Tutor-variety of clients from early elementary to college levels (undergraduate programs)
-Blogger-a variety of topics

Art Experience:

Exposure to drawing and painting in various media, ceramics, sculpture, earth art, etc.

Recreational Artist--
Landscape painting, drawing, cartoon faces, signage, computer paint applications, nature photography, created own greeting cards for family and clients, layout and design for family and organization newsletters, drag and drop websites

I am friendly.
I am down-to-earth.
I am teachable.
I have a very creative mind for figuring out solutions to problems that arise.
I can think outside the box.
I am attentive to detail.
I am a quick learner.
I am dependable.
I am methodical.
I can visualize a scene layout before it materializes.
I have an artistic eye for color, contrast, and interesting camera angles
I am always dedicated to continually improving my craft.
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Audio Editing