Rick Salas

Freelance Project Manager & Painter

Location:San Jose, California, United States
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"Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"
-Author Unknown

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, a self-taught artist and educator, been a freelance artist for over 20 years. I work primarily with acrylics, mastering children portraits. I find inspiration in the eager young artist I work with. They push me to be a better artist, to imagine, dream and continue to expand my creativity and be fearless in all areas of my life.

The area's of interest included in my body of work range from, representational, comtemporary, abstract, realism, serealism and many more. Addressing religious, fantasy, philosophical, political, comedy and contradiction are areas of
Some of my recent works include murals, special effects (Zombie Pin-up Art), Portraits of children and extraordinary people, abstract, surreal, illustration, tattoo design and implementation, airbrush, sculpting, calligraphy and Grafitti

Past project include:
Faux marbling, texturing, printing, prisma color markers/pencils, oil/chalk pastels, water colors, oils, charcoal, graphite, pen & ink, custom signs, and cartoonist.

I'm in the process of mastering a technique using, "the art of Crayola". I am always experimenting with is work using lots of color, layers and textures.

My philosophy and approach to art & art education is simple;

"An extraordinary doer of art must first become an extraordinary learner".

I have been painting/teaching professionally for over 15 years. I am the designer/lead artist of San Jose’s (unofficially) largest mural (22'x100'). “Evolution of Transportation” sponsored by the county public trasportation VTA.

I have had the privalege to work with master muralist Susan Cervantes(www.precitaeyes.org)

I've been recognized by city councilman Manny Diaz and former Mayor of San Jose Susan Hammer for my work with urban youth in public art. I've been invited to several discussion panels and local conferences to inform the public and civil authorities on the topic of graffiti awareness or graffiti as an art form vs. an act of crime or vandalism.

As an educator I have experienced teaching a wide range of ages from 4-43 with all skill levels. As an advocate for art education among urban/suburban youth I've had the opportunity to teach a wide rage of youth from the juvenile system to church groups. I feels that it is just as important for the under-served urban youth to have quality art education as it is for those who are from privileged backgrounds.

My long-term goal is to operate one of the finest international art-mentoring programs serving urban youth.

"He is a passionate about his work and tries to convey this passion in every piece and with every young person that crosses his path" -Liz


3rd Annual APERIRE Arts Festival, Fresno 2011
Haiti Relief Benefit AT&T, San Jose 2010
South First Friday's, San Jose 2010
Shellena's Cafe, San Jose 2010
Gallery Thirtyone, Los Angeles 2009
Downtown Campbell's "Third Friday Art Walk", 2009
YUPP Ministries, Youth Conference 2009
San Jose Athletic Clube Benenfit, San Jose 2008
New Frontiers, San Luis Obispo, 2008
Angels Ultralounge, San Jose 2006
Studio 8, San Jose 2006
Cuccini's, San Jose 2006
MHP, Kan Kreate Benefit San Jose 2004
MHP La Galleria, San Jose 2004

Some words to live by...
"daddy can you stop covering my eyes so i can see your imagination" - Jr.
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