Freelance Song Writer & Music Producer

Location:Southfield, Michigan, United States
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In 1986, a songwriter was born, and her name is Aleah Moses. With her ability to produce, play the piano, arrange melody, and write, makes her a quadruple asset to the music industry. Starting out as a choir member at her local church, she later discovered her ability to not only sing, but to also play the piano by ear at the early age of 8. At the age of 16, she became a member of the singing group “Soul Project” which led to a potential record deal with an independent record label. Later she joined another singing group called “God’s Image,” where she discovered her ability to write songs after being asked to write for their demo. The inspirational singing trio performed songs (some which were written by Moses) for an executive of Sony Records. The performance led to a potential deal with Sony records. After God’s Image finished recording numerous songs for their demo, they unfortunately disbanded. In 2005, Moses then discovered her ability to produce when she met Jordan Munerlyn and made the decision to become a professional songwriter and producer. They then formed the production group, “Breach House,” and worked together as a writing/production duo. In 2011, Breach House decided to part ways and concentrate on their careers independently. Moses is now making a name for herself as a Songwriter and Producer. With prayer and persistence, Moses will soon be the name printed inside of many CD sleeves and movie credits!
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