Freelance Audio Editor & Jingle Producer

Location:Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
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I am a dynamic personality with a degree in both radio broadcasting and audio production. I have significant experience in acting on stage, recording radio drama, production of radio ads, being an on-air radio host, and audio production. I am adept with scott automated radio studio, Cooledit, and Adobe Audition 3.0. In addition to my technical skills with audio production and my theater experience I also have over a year experience in retail sales, through OfficeMax Electronics and AT&T retail sales. While selling is a large part of what i did at AT&T i also was exceptional with customer service and guest interaction. Scoring above 94% in customer satisfaction surveys every month I was with AT&T. I am a hard working employee who doesn't stop until my task is done. I love any job that allows me to take full use of my creative skills, my talent for singing, or my many various voices and accents I can perform, whether its live broadcasts or pre-recorded ads and jingles. I am what you have been searching for!
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Audio Editing
Jingle Production