Robyn Kars

Freelance Book Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Robyn Kars
Curriculum Vitae

Diploma in Visual Communication
The Open Window School of Visual Communication
Major in Illustration

Qualification: Diploma in Visual Communication
Modules Completed
-Illustration (Distinction)
-Interior Design
-Communication Practice
-Communication Design
-Visual Culture
-Interactive Media Design
-Communication Design (Distinction)
-Narrative Studies
-Creative Techniques
-Visual Culture

Computer Literacy
Adobe Suite

Microsoft Office
-MS Word
-MS Excel
-Power Point

Workplace Competencies
Why you should hire me
Professional, diligent and dependable
Work towards achieving objectives in a controlled manner
Time-management, organising and planning skills
Innovative, creative and confident in projecting ideas
Client and consumer focused
Willingness to learn and explore
Good knowledge of business development

Attributes and Interests
Personal Attributes
I am creative, imaginative and inspired - viewing the world from an unconventional perspective.
I constantly look to improve my own skills and competencies by learning more and achieving greater innovations.
Assertive, professional and efficient in work-related activities and able to function well within structure and deliver high quality work.
Competent at analysing and integrating facts, practicalities, client needs and related business requirements.
Though I am independent, reliable and self-determined, I am also comfortable to take lead and responsibility in group-related work.
By combining my need to achieve with my practical time management skills enables me to deliver both quality and efficiency.

Personal Interests and Hobbies
Drawing, painting, and conceptualising
Poetry and Journalism
Thinking of new and creative ideas and techniques
Brainstorming on how to improve and develop businesses
Fashion design (Annual school competitions won, 2005 and 2006)
Dancing (Modern dancing and Cheerleading Captain, 2006 – 2008)

I see myself as a pioneering, resourceful and hard working illustrator and designer. Determined to achieve my personal goals, make a success of my career and each of my creations.
I dream of making a name for myself, similar to that of Stefan Sagmeister and Alberto Centrino. I respect both for their talent, individualism and daringness.

Interested Careers
Arts and any other artistic orientated careers where I can express a specific vision and concept through the use of creative techniques, such as Illustration / Vector Illustration, Corporate Identities and Package Design.

Career Ambitions
I want to develop my experience and career as a Professional Illustrator. I dream of having my work published and for it to become well known. I would also like to promote illustration by sharing my passion with others and potentially teach scholars the techniques.
Skills (2) Rating
Book Illustration