Kim Geiger

Freelance Software Designer & Database Expert

Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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I am a seasoned and accomplished developer and database designer with demonstrated success designing and implementing business solutions that improve business function and efficiency. Possess diverse technical background with numerous platforms and programming languages. Proven ability to design and implement solutions that decrease costs and increase performance.


• Proficient with PHP, HTML, CGI, C, Java, Informix 4GL, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, and COBOL.
• Extensive database design and administration experience using Sybase, Informix, Cloudscape, MySQL and others. Experience includes considerable work with complicated SQL scripting such as complex joins, sub-selects, group by clauses, aggregates, unions, intersections, triggers, views, and stored procedures.
• Experienced and proficient in technologies including client/server, telecommunications, debugging, reporting, and dynamic database-driven web design.
• Experienced with Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems.
• Skilled at analyzing needs, seeing beyond the customer’s request and identifying previously unrecognized requirements. Accomplished at building systems that not only meets the client’s needs, but also provides a streamlined and intuitive workflow and interface.
• Extensive experience in the ETL process, extracting data from external sources, massaging the data and loading it into a database.


Independent System Programmer 1995-present
During this time, designed and built numerous business systems and web-based, database driven solutions for a variety of companies, including:

Kim David Software
Built and maintain software and a server that hosts and serves business software for multiple businesses and ministries. The system consists of a Rapid Development environment, all custom built in PHP and MySQL, running on Apache and Linux (LAMP). Spent 6 years developing and refining these tools.

Mercy Ships
Contracted to document their donor management system. Identified numerous bugs and underlying faulty design. Was then hired to build a completely new system, using Informix 4GL. Later, added a web-based interface using CGI, also written in 4GL. After many years of use, this was converted into a Java-based system. This system was multi-language and multi-currency, being used in a dozen nations worldwide.

Estate Planning Team
Designed and developed a web-based financial marketing system using PHP, Javascript, AJAX, CSS and MySQL. The system was built and deployed in a LAMP environment and was a full e-commerce system with product ordering and automatically built custom web pages for the clients.

National Association of Financial Estate Planners
Developed a web-based business solution that included CRM, client management, CMS, financial planning calculators and automated form generators, all done in a LAMP framework. The system was deployed in 45 days, start to finish. Expectations were exceeded, especially after an extended unsuccessful attempt with another company.

Select Trees
Developed a complete business solution that included inventory control, process scheduling, quotes and sales, CRM, CMS and financial tools. In three months more was accomplished than what they had attempted with two other solutions over a five-year period. This system was built using the Rapid Development environment and continues to be maintained.

World Christian
Designed, developed and deployed a full function online bookstore. The bookstore sports many of the features one would fine on or, with extensive backend maintenance tools. This tool is live and public and can be seen at

Youth With a Mission 1981 - 1995
Senior System Analyst and IT Manager. As the system analyst and lead programmer, was responsible for all aspects of design, development and deployment of a donor management and order fulfillment system. After streamlining the system, fulfillment went from an average five weeks expected delivery time to two days.


Computer Sciences, Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL
Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO (working toward BS in Math)
ACT Test Score: 28 (32 in Math), taken in 1979
IQ Score: 148


Kelvin Burton, Mercy Ships, (903) 939-7092,
Larry Stephens, Steel Building Supplier, (903) 268-1325,
Matt Nielson, Select Trees, (706) 614-4798,
Roy Barker, NAFEP, (801) 266-9900,
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