Sheri LC

Freelance Sculptor & Illustrator

Location:Stanton, California, United States
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My objective is to create designs and product items that engage and inspire!

I enjoy the challenge of working with companies in the creation and development of new designs and product lines. I am a model maker/wax carver/sculptor who creates original models for prototype and production purposes. I can also create and develop original design concepts for a variety of products.

Working primarily in the jewelry, fashion accessory and gift industries, sculpture and design have been my area of expertise for the past 20 years. Attention to detail is my trademark and I specialize in very sculptural and figurative designs. These include historic motifs and themes, animals, flowers, sea life, natural objects (most any flora and fauna) and more. I can provide a 3-dimensional wax (or other medium) model of most any design or product item. My passion for sculpting and design, and background in jewelry manufacturing give me the ability to create a piece that is not only artistic, but also functional and practical. Models are created from the clients' sketches/drawings, photos, or simply thoughts and suggestions of a proposed product or design concept. If necessary, I can also develop sketches or drawings from concepts and ideas that are proposed.

Over the years I have worked with numerous companies to develop a variety of products and/or expand their product lines. These have included jewelry manufacturing companies (both precious and costume lines), museum reproduction companies, leather fashion designers, belt and handbag manufacturers, western belt and boot designers, gift manufacturers and toy makers. Client proprietary information is always kept confidential.
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