Katelyn Clifford

Freelance Creative Writer & Editor

Location:Memphis, Tennessee, United States
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There are a few important facts you should know about "me." I graduated from Lake Superior State University from 2007 with a BA in English. I minored in Business, which has come in handy as I have been a slave to retail for the past eight years. I am no longer interested in being a pawn in corporate games and want to actually use the degree I went to school for. Hence my desire to put my writing background to use. I just finished my first children's book and am looking to get it published and continue to write in any avenue that I possibly can. I have a passion for all things involving writing. Whether the job is big or small, I am up for the job. I have a knack for editing and am constantly doing it no matter where I am or who I am with. A local store here is "Going out of buiness," instead of "business" and it takes everything that I am not to go in and point out that they completely missed a letter. I love all things creative and writing helps me with that creativity. As far as writing experience goes, I have written for a local club newsletter, as well as a few short stories and a children's book. I have experience in t-shirt design and also love to paint and draw. My artwork has been showcased in both public and private forums. Please contact me for any further information.
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Creative Writing