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Jerry Buchanan

Freelance Researcher & Mainframe Programmer

Location:Vancouver, Washington, United States
Phone: 360-992-3375
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Jerry Buchanan
4405 NE Wildrose Dr.
Vancouver, WA 98682
(360) 260-0004

Position Sought: Business Analyst or Sr. Systems Analyst

General: I am an Analyst with over twenty-five years experience in programming, meeting with users, clarifying requirements, setting timelines and deliverables, performing additional research and analysis, assisting team members, programming, status reporting to management and providing staffing recommendations and, most of all, writing/testing the code.

Technical: On the Mainframe Side: I have extensive programming experience with COBOL, COBOL II, FORTRAN, Easytrieve Plus, CSP, SAS, Natural and SQL accessing data stored in DB2, IMS, DL/I, IDMS, VSAM, ADABAS and flat files. Platforms have been large MVS operating systems with CICS using TSO/ISPF.
On the Client/Server and PC side: I completed analysis for a data migration project using Visual Basic on Access files. Once completed, application will reside on a server in Germany for concurrent use in various facilities. Prior to this, wrote interface applications to download mainframe data into formats suitable for upload to client server applications (Power Builder). Also have thorough experience with both the Microsoft and Corel business suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro, Presentation Graphics) running on Windows 95, 98 and NT. Also, I have completed projects in Visual Basic, written numerous Crystal reports.

Lead Exp.: Demonstrated ability to create and maintain a cohesive team to satisfy the user requirements for the task at hand. Have led teams consisting of two to twelve programmer/analysts in both Y2K and non-Y2K assignments. Reviews from management have been consistently positive regarding performance as a team leader. I have also worked numerous years in “solo” projects.

Operating Systems: Extensive use of Z/OS DOS/VSE, MVS-XA operating system and numerous Windows platforms from Windows 95 – XP and Vista.

Education: Earned a Bachelor degree in Business Systems Analysis from Linfield College, McMinnville, OR. Graduated in 1988 *** Laude.

Professional training includes MVRS, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, C#, and Xerox 9700 forms design. RAD/JAD methods of rapid analysis design.

Work Experience:

7/03 – 11/10 Clark Public Utilities, Vancouver, WA
Sr. Programmer Analyst

Major Accomplishment was to suggest, then design, write and maintain a program that edits raw Meter Reader data before the start of the Billing applications and identify corrections, which eliminated all late-night billing abends having to do with meter reading data. Maintained Billing programs, particularly those in Field Services (Meter Reading Department). Primary technical contact person for the Meter Reading department. Became an expert in MVRS (meter reading software package). Major language was COBOL with a frequent use of Crystal Reports and some SQL queries; databases were Pervasive and VSAM. My best references are my current users, see below.

5/02 – 4/03 Liberty Northwest Insurance, Portland, OR
Sr. Programmer Analyst

Responsible for maintenance and improvement of Personal Lines programs (Homeowners, Auto and Umbrella). Major languages were COBOL and DYL 280; data was stored in DL/I operating system was DOS/VSE

4/01 – 10/01 Fred Meyer, Portland, OR
Contract programmer

Modified the on-line corporate Teller system to accept a larger employee number. Programs were written in CSP, data was stored in DB2. Involved extensive use of SQL.

12/00 – 1/01 Mentor Graphics, Wilsonville, OR
Contract programmer

Wrote new and modified existing programs on a pc-based system covering end-of-the-year payroll functions. Language used was Visual Basic, data was stored in Excel. Also used Excel macros.

2/00 – 4/00 Wacker Siltronics Corp., Portland, OR
Contract programmer

Designed a data migration plan for a Visual Basic and Access system to track incoming requirements. Once implemented, system will run on a server in Germany. Engineers in Germany, Portland and Singapore will be using this system concurrently. Language was Visual Basic; database is Access.

4/99 – 2/00 Freightliner Corp., Portland, OR
Contract Y2K Compliance Team Lead

Led a varying sized team of up to twelve people performing data ageing and analyzing results for Y2K readiness. Major language was COBOL II, databases VSAM and IDMS, operating system was MVS/ESA.

4/98 - 2/99 State of Oregon, Department of Human Resources, Salem, OR
Contract Y2K Compliance Team Lead, Compliance Officer

Led a twelve-member programming team where I was charged with certifying DHR applications as being ready for the year 2000. Developed the planning strategy and methodology to comply with acceptance criteria for certification. Met with key users for various DHR applications to obtain additional application information and to review the test strategy. At the end of each application, obtained user sign-off covering the testing and the results. System was a Hitachi running MVS using CICS TSO/ISPF. Major languages were COBOL, COBOL II and Easytrieve Plus. Databases were IMS, DB2 and VSAM, operating system was MVS/XA.

9/97 - 4/98 Nationwide Insurance, Portland, Oregon
P/A, Team Lead for new Document Preparation System

Led a team of four programmers and analysts to identify the paper documents generated by the business (e.g., bills, renewals, notices, and proof of insurance) and established a plan to manage and electronic version of many of these documents. Most documents required reworking in order to accommodate automation, which involved interviewing clients, establishing a review process and highlighting discrepancies. Operating system was a Hitachi running MVS using CICS TSO/ISPF. Major language is COBOL II. Database is VSAM.

4/96 - 9/97 Nike, Beaverton, Oregon
P/A, Team Lead on the U.S. Customs System

Major accomplishment was to develop programs that allowed Nike to “clear Customs” while the product was en-route from the East. Led a team of five programmers and analysts for report compliance for US Customs. Responsible for the users’ satisfaction and overall system performance. Wrote system-level progress reports for management. Developed training process for newly assigned programmers. Met with key users to define needs, prioritize workload and provide status information. Analyzed, designed, wrote, modified, tested and implemented programs. System was an Amdahl 5780 MVS/ESA using CICS TSO/ISPF. Major languages were COBOL II, CSP and Easytrieve Plus. Database was DB2.

4/85 - 4/96 Multnomah County Information Services, Portland, Oregon
P/A, Team Lead on various systems.
Major accomplishment was to create a job for electronically profiling criminals for Federal prosecution.

P/A, Team Lead on Health Information System
Major accomplishment was to write programs that billed Medicare, Medicaid and third-party insurance. Claim submissions were both electronic and paper-driven (HCFA forms). Coded the HCFA form for use on our Xerox 9790. Performed program changes as needed and prioritized by the Health Department. Overall, this was a highly complex system with 400 program modules. System ran on an Amdahl 5780 MVS/XA system using Natural 2. TP monitor was CICS TSO/ISPF, database was ADABAS.

Printing Systems Analyst, Multnomah County
Designed and wrote hundreds of forms for Xerox 9790 laser printer. Expert in printing applications, showing how to use the printers various features and call them dynamically. Provided training to other analysts showing how to code programs and to invoke intended printer functions dynamically (forms, fonts, rotation, back of page, feeding from various trays and offsetting). Trained an assistant on forms design software.

P/A in charge of District Attorney Case Tracking System (PROMIS)
Major accomplishment was to write programs that identified criminals for arrest by the FBI by meeting profiling criteria from the Sheriff’s Office, the DA and the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms. By profiling, we were able to arrest those who were doing the greatest number of home burglaries and select persons to be prosecuted under the Federal Courts. Regular duties were to analyze, designed, wrote, modify, test and implement programs. Maintained a vendor-written Prosecutors Management Information System (PROMIS). Major languages were COBOL II and Assembler. TP monitor was CICS, database was VSAM.

The final phase of this project was to design the replacement DA system. This involved strategic planning, interviewing key users, conducting JAD/RAD (joint application development / rapid analysis and design) sessions, created decomposition diagrams, work flow diagrams; entity-relationship diagrams to simplify what the users wanted the DA system to do. Reported progress to management and key issues outstanding. Also wrote conversion programs to extract information from a set of VSAM relative record files to DB2 tables. This was an eighteen-month project and was successfully implemented.

Other agencies supported by PROMIS were the County Probation department, and Jail Warrants system, the Criminal Population Management System.

References: My best references are my past clients:

Mr. Bart Hansen, General Office Mgr., Clark PUD (360) 992-3370
Mr. Paul Wieneche former Field Service Mgr., now Warehouse Mgr., Clark PUD (360) 992-8053
Mr. Dana Christensen, current Field Service Mgr., Clark PUD (360) 992-3046
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