Maryann Yee

Freelance Artist & Horror Artist

Location:Hacienda Heights, California, United States
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Maryann Yee
Cell: (626) 733-1964

*Makeup & Special Effects Artist*

About me: My whole reason as an artist is to share my work with the world and move someone. Being blessed to do what I love, I find it organic to see each project as challenging and fun. I absolutely love meeting new people and having fun working toward a common goal. I am the happiest person you’ll ever meet and I love sharing a laugh. Now let’s make something weird and beautiful!!!!

Objective: To bring out the vision and give life to the concept of which will exceed expectations. To work quickly and efficiently. To offer more than just a job well done, but also a positive, fun, and great attitude.


2009 January-September: Mt. Sac
(Student): Completed courses in basic art design classes, and special effects to aid in early career. Project pieces were chosen to be displayed in campus art museum.

2010 February- July: Cinema Makeup School
(Student): Learned the industry’s leading techniques and materials under direction of veteran makeup artists.

*Note: Consistently requested by professors for industry jobs because of talent, attitude, and work ethic.

Professional Experience:

2009 - Current: “Contagious LA” Agency:
(Asst. Set Designer): TV Commercial Created a believable atmosphere cohesive to the conceptual story.

(Asst. Makeup & Special Effects): TV Commercial “” Able to connect and understand exactly what the director and Key makeup envision without detailed instruction. Managed continuity on set throughout shoot.

(Key Makeup): TV Commercial “” Designed and managed looks independently. Utilized time management skills to devise a working schedule in accordance to shots. Worked efficiently and quickly, tending to numerous talents arriving sporadically throughout the day.

(Key Makeup/ Props): TV Commercial “” Got creative with the look for this scene. Constructed off-brand products and materials used for set.

2010 November: Short Film "Hunters":
(Asst. Makeup and Special Effects): Created looks for talent that involved prosthetics. Gained extensive experience with blood and IV work.

2010 January:
(Creature Design): Website Video- Created Necromorph creature suit for based off of a wildly successful video game "Dead Space". Learned that "playing video games" DOES pay off.

2010 March: Short Film Submission for Canon Contest
(Set Design and Key Makeup): Executed two major artistries at once. Multi tasked with continuity in progression of atmosphere and talent. Improvised special effect gags for spontaneously added scenes.

2010 August: T.V. Series Pilot
(Key Makeup): Designed an effects makeup that simulated a puppet who has come to life.

2011 April: Fashion Line Premiere Event
(Key Makeup): Designed a creative and eye catching makeup theme for the clothing line launch event.

2011 September: Short Film Contest Submission
(Asst. Makeup & Special Effects): Created natural beauty looks for video submission, “T is for Twig”, for a spot in the film “The ABC’s of Horror. Utilized unique blood work effects.

2011 October: Queen Mary- “Dark Harbor”
(Makeup): Challenged with numerous makeups in very tight schedule. Worked with 2-D makeup as well as prosthetics.

2011 November: Film “Chemical 13”
(Key Makeup): Worked with beauty and special effects. Characters involved 3rd degree burns, decomposing skin, bruises, scars, etc
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