Jus Collins

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
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Jus Collins is a Creative Writer and Spoken Word Artist who is looking to expand her skills through freelance writing. She has written over 300 pieces of poetry, most of which, has been reviewed by her peers as phenomenal and unprecedented works of art. Featured as one of the best poets at Poeticmic.com, as Juspassionat- Jus Collins was recognized as the catalyst who rejuvenated the meaning of life through her words and imagery. Her inspiration and motivation is derived from an empowered soul that thrives on the heartbeat and breath of the universe. She is currently in her 2nd year as an undergraduate Majoring in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. Some of her hobbies include: drawing, cooking, photography,interior design, and people watching.
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Creative Writing
Poem Writing