Freelance Digital Artist & Book Writer

Location:Newport News, Virginia, United States
2 Skills

Fashion Design
Red Bridge College:
Little Heath, Essex (United Kingdom)
Dates: 2000-2002
GPA: 3.2

General Art and Graphic Design Studies
Eastlea Secondary School:
Canning Town, London (United Kingdom)
Dates: 1997-2000
GPA: 3.2

*Self-taught in digital design; Canvas & Acrylics; HTML programming; graphics novel design


Phoebus Mural
Located: 7 South Mallory Street, Hampton (VA)
Building connected to Phoebus Library
Requested by: Owner of “Creative Studios” (Store/Warehouse connected to Phoebus Library)
Date: Nov. 2009

Art Shows
Locations: Eagle Fellowship (London, UK); First Baptist Church (Hampton, VA)

Screen writing & theater production
Location: Emmmanuel Youth Project, London UK

**Accomplishments & Awards**

Awarded: Millennium Volunteer Award 2000 & 2003
Awarded By: Secretary Of State (London, UK)
Reason: For donating well over 200 hours of volunteered time, to helping support my community.

Youth Parliament 2001- 2002
Position: Representative for inner city children within the Newham County
Duties: Investigated concerns from local inner city youth. I designed & developed proposals that were presented before the Newham County=s management committee. Many projects that I developed were placed into action, like using >school buses= in the UK and creating a full length movie (created fully by >young people=).

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