David Ray Garcia

Freelance Writer & Drawer

Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
Phone: 3613890007
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I am a 36 year old male who's plans on living the American Dream of living life to the fullest and working hard for everything you've been able to piece together for yourself and your family. We're cut short as I was just finding a good pace in a career that I loved. At the age of 24, due to an accident that caused my life altering 4 back procedures which left me nearly unable to stand. Then two years later the ability to even do that was also taken from me due to the same issues. For ten years I have been in a controlled environment in that I have not even been in a store and probably have not traveled a total of maybe a 1000 miles in the last ten years. It has given me the time and the ability to literally psycho analyze millions of "what if" scenarios in my mind to the point that I have ended up here. 200lbs lighter and what I truly believe to be one final procedure away from being able to stand on my feet and run my way back to the American Dream. And also my dreams of providing for my family which consists of my 10 year old daughter, 8 year old son and girlfriend of 3 year knowing how much i love them and knowing that I had no choice but to keep my word to them of someday getting us our own home and being a normal family with Dad actually being involved in their lives pushed me to never give up and ready me for another round that I fully believe I am truly ready for. I also believe that now I will not fail in whatever I choose to do. What is my other option return to where I was? HELL NO!!!!! I will be proactive and not reactive in all my life’s situations and live life to the fullest. I have found a new passion for music, drawing, woodwork, and even writing as the best way of expressing myself. So I'm your man for whatever job offers you might have for me. And oh yeah by the way Mr. Obama you can have your social security being disabled has left me in financial ruins, so hire me for your job.
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