Tyler Mason

Freelance Linux Programmer & Programmer

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Toronto, ON, Canada


Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering Candidate, 2nd year 2010 – Present
Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
University of Toronto (U of T)
Relevant Courses: Circuit Analysis, Digital Systems, Engineering Design, Programming Fundamentals

Work Experience:
Cadet Course Warrant Officer, Canadore College, Canada June – Aug 2010
• In command of all cadets, including staff and course cadets
• In charge of course logistics and submitting all logistic reports
• Oversee special outings, discipline, and course safety
• Writing course reports for staff cadets
• Examining course reports for course cadets
• Two courses: Airport Operations and Aircraft Maintenance
• Received and excellent course report
• Received several recommendations for future CIC endeavors
Math/Science Tutor, Henry Street High School, Canada Sept-June 2010
• Tutored students from Grades 9-12
• Tutoring courses: General Math, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, General Science
• All students received a final mark they were pleased with as a result of the service

Engineering Projects:
Digital System Team Member, Engineering Design Project, U of T 2011
• Designed a hardware interactive game based on Verilog coded FPGA
• Team of two, responsible for graphics, game engine, and VGA registry
• Implemented concepts in analysis, design, communication, Verilog coding, VGA interaction, concepts in digital circuits
• Game based on classic two player fighter
Team Member, Engineering Design Project, U of T 2011
• Designed an alternative street infrastructure for one of Toronto’s densely populated civilian streets
• Dealt with improving safety, reducing sound pollution, and aesthetic appeal
• Presented recommendations to City of Toronto Officials for redesigning the street infrastructure

Volunteer Experience:
• New College House Residence Technical Expert (2011-2012), responsible for providing technical support to fellow residents
• Frosh (Orientation) Week Leader (2011): a leader in a Frosh group, responsible for guiding first years, ensuring a fun/safe environment, and assisting head leaders
• Student Leadership and Mentoring (2009-2010), responsible for guiding grade 9 students and helping to ease the transition into high school
• Poppy Selling Initiative (2008 – 2010), responsible for organizing cadets to go to locations to sell poppy’s to the general public around Remembrance Day as well as personally selling poppy’s to the public

Tyler Mason tyler_mason@live.ca +1 289 892 3097

• Adopt A Road (2008-2010), responsible for organizing and leading a group of cadets to clean a public street in order to improve the environment

Extra-Circular Activities:
• Lady Godiva Memorial Band (2010-2011): trombone player at band events
• Jazz Band (2007-2010): lead trombone player in high school jazz band
• Concert Band (2006-2010): lead trombone player in high school concert band
• Royal Canadian Air Cadets (2005-2010): member of the 2 Vandenbos Whtiby Air Cadet squadron for several years, in charge of many cadet activities, achieved the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class, Administrative Warrant Officer for squadron, Rifle Team Commander, Drill Team Counselor, Pilot Scholarship participant

Technical Skills:
Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, Verilog

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Applications/Software: MATLAB, PSPICE, Altera Quartus, Altera Monitor, Microsoft Office


Reading, trombone, sports, gaming


Available upon request
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Linux Programming